Governors’ Militias Are Our Best Hope for Law and Order in a Biden Run Nation

Militias are for the purpose of safety and security. Governors are the people who run the various states. So the active duty armed forces cannot help due to Posse Comitatus (which should not be repealed, it’s fine, as is). The Marshalls Service is too small and Marcshalls today are like the Marshalls of Old West. The FBI is plainly insane, and they add to the problem because Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have made them insane.

So we need something state-based, and Governor based. Something that the Marxists cannot de-fund. State have their own taxing power, and they can receive block grants from the Federal government and legacies from private donors. So, Governors could have uniformed militia persons guarding our streets against the random killers, so of like the IDF and the streets in Israel (which does not have a Posse Comitatus Act).

The best way to deter violent crime is to make the criminal fear his victim, because the victim is armed and will meet force with force or because the victim has friends on the street (the Governors’ Militia people). Somebody wants to do some “wilding” like in the jungle, like in a prison culture, they find themselves in handcuffs toute suite. Because somebody is there who is not a bystander, but is a militia person. They did their wilding in front of a peace and security person who responded by quelling them. They offer a return to the jungle, and society says “No, this is not the jungle, we have am civilized nation here.”

Wilding people, after they have served their time should be given tickets to places where they can find State of Nature jungles. This is not a vindication of their “values” (which do not exist) it is an placement of them in a setting that is appropriate for them — like putting a jigsaw puzzle part where it belongs.

If you are not civilized, you do not belong in a civilized society. We do not have time to store you and watch you and keep you in chains for the rest of your life. We do have jet planes. They can take you to a place where your wilding will do less harm that it does here, among us. So the militias will cuff you and you will get a chance to go to a place that is more suitable to your conduct.

If I sound “conservative”, I am, so that’s OK — and a former member of the Governor’s militia in my home state, who practices what is preached. If you are a liberal, the existence of this article does not impair your ability to read articles that say just the opposite. All about “equity” and “reparations” and “no bail” and blue states, and sanctuary, and green war in the sky. Go read them. Do not read more by me, because my values will abide, and be a worrisome to you then as they are now.


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