Active Duty IDF members are Allowed to Maintain Safety and Security on the Streets of Israel.

We cannot do that in USA due to the Posse Comitatus Act.

Between Biden and Soros our streets are infested with murderous thugs who at any moment can decide to do some “wilding” and kill somebody ……. anybody …… near them …… anybody.

So in USA the street contains thugs, victims, and bystanders.

Victims with guns are able to discourage some thugs, sometimes.

Bystanders are 100% useless for all purposes.

Thugs should be locked up and would be except we have Biden and Soros, so they aren’t.

If we end up with Fetterman in the US Senate the chaos will get worse.

There are no moderate Dems. In that party, you are “Woke” or shunned, cancelled, gone.

The Woke contain a huge collection of very bad, harmful, destructive ideas.

Every idea they have is bad. They are Biden’s go-to source when he needs an idea.

Undoing the harm from the open border will be the prime directive of our new President in January 2025.

This will be delicate work. ID cards will be part of it.The burden will be on employers to prove they are hiring people who are legally inside the USA.

Getting back law and order on our streets will require Governors’ Militias, supplemented by private contractors who provide trained, armed security personnel. After January 2025 it is hope that most of the Federal agencies will be cut down, cut back, or eliminated. It is hoped that block grants will be sent to the states by the US Congress to give the state Governors more power to govern, and more capability to maintain safety and security.

There is no reason in law why the Department of Homeland Security could not field armed uniformed special agents to keep law and order in some of our cities. The entire Homeland is less secure if major cities become crime areas, and who states become no-law zones. This nation of states and cities must stand or fall together as a Homeland.

Rich Americans are buying Malta, and Swiss passports for millions of dollars. Also land in New Zealand. If our own people leave, Biden and Soros will still think they did good work. Biden will always think he is doing good work even if he starts World War III. The Dem mind is a closed mind based on an Alternative Reality, in which they really think they know better. So results, outcomes, events, and things that happen mean nothing to Dems. Their “moral purity” is all they care about, and it is based on how loyal they are to a ragbag of really bad and very destructive ideas.

Conservatives mind their own business, and related to others on a live and let live basis. We do not seek power over the lives of other people. We want growth for the nation, the economy, the business we do, the bank account we own. Other people are not seen as pawns to be controlled by us, from Aspen, or Davos, or Woods Hole, or the White House. All Americans are seen as fellow citizens at play in the fields of the Lord.


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