Top Priorities for the New Congress of 2023

Resolve to cancel, take back, rescind, and not fund all the agencies that Joe Biden can use to do further harm to the citizens of USA, and this includes 80% of the alphabet soup agencies in Washington DC.

Use whatever means exist to claw back all funds that have been appropriated but not yet spent by all agencies in the Executive branch.

Re-appropriate that money to be held by the US Treasury in trust for the People of USA.

Resolve to not confirm any officials or Judges nominated by Joe Biden.

Hold all funds except money to pay all active duty service members, and US diplomats stationed overseas.

All programs that are internally funded and all fee based agencies will not be affected by a shutdown of the Biden government.

GSA should be fully funded so the buildings can be maintained.

Terminate as many agencies as possible that are providing poor value for money to the US taxpayers. Just appropriate zero to them. Have them send their records to the Archives.

Impeach Alehandro Mayorkas for dereliction of duty, lying to Congress, and violations of the Patriot Act.

Empower the border states to take measures to stop the flow of illegal invaders, and lethal drugs across the border. Give them block grants, directly to the Governors to do that job. Have the DOD provide supplies and equipment to the state Governors at the border to seal the border.

Work to get the cooperation of Democrat members of Congress to join in a bi-partisan veto override coalition. This means the GOP must give something to get something. That’s fine, we know how to do that. We do not seek to harm liberals, as they seek to harm us. We are in favor of the consent of the governed, and of compromise to attain worthy goals.

Our goal is no money, and no power for Biden or Harris ever again. We do not have the votes in the Senate to remove them. But for Mayorkas, we do. So, we will remove and replace Mayorkas, and make Biden and Harris not relevant for any purpose. They can stay in office, but our attention will be on doing constructive things by block grants to the various state Governors.

I hope one of my Facebook friends copies this post and puts it up on Facebook.


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