Golden Egg or Global Cinder, you decide!

Re January 6

Trump is a sometimes not so perfect person who does not always get everything right. When he thinks he can do the wrong thing, keep it secret, and get a benefit.

That makes him so special — not like you or me, or any other human, or any politician —- right? — No not right.

That makes him exactly like everybody.

Trump is the Golden Egg Policy Guy.

He can be trusted to lay Golden Egg Policy — and make it work.

But this can only happen if he gets the right position.

President, or Most Senior Counsellor to the President.

The other side are bxtshxt crxzy.

They are wrecking your life, your nation, the world, and may soon cause global war.

You don’t get a blank sheet of paper here on which to draw your Plato Ideal Leader.

What you get is Messy, Confusing Reality, where you can have golden egg policy from the Imperfect Man, or global incineration from the Wxkx Lxnxtic.

This is not the range of options you would find most pleasing or convenient — I know. I am the tree of life, so I accept responsibility for providing you with two options that are not up to your expectations.

That said — make a choice.

Golden Egg or Global Cinder?

Which is better?

You decide.


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