The Problem is Not the Voting Machines, It’s the Voters

The same brainwashed people who chose Biden and Harris to replace Trump are still around, still brainwashed, still voting, and just chose Fetterman over Oz.

I have a friend who tells me that is the tally is an honest tally then he is satisfied with the Midterm in 2022.

If the content of events has no meaning to you pal, you are a nihilist.

So my friend is happy enough today, but I am deeply disappointed.

The content of events suggests that many voting Americans like Joe Biden, think he’s doing a fine job, and think European style Socialism would be just the ticket for USA.

Well, events have content. That content has meaning. And I am meaning sensitive because unlike my friend I am not a nihilist. It’s not all just the same to me.

The one good thing is the early emergence of Ron DeSantis as the leader of traditional conservatives in USA. He is brave, courageous, and bold. He is a policy genius. He is not Donald J Trump, trailing 50 major lawsuits and possible indictments. He is trailing clouds of glory for the way he has run Florida. He is clean of baggage. A former Navy JAG (like the author) and obviously a man of integrity and capacity.

Getting a candidate early and strong will greatly enhance the opportunity for the GOP in 2024.

So that’s the only silver lining I see today on 9 October 2022.

I no longer feel a lot of confidence in the voters in USA, but if it comes down to Kamala Harris vs Ron DeSantis, I think they will pick the Governor not the Giggler.


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