Lessons Learned at the Midterms

Lesson 1 — If a candidate gets total support from Big Tech and Corporate Media the views of that candidate will be installed in the brains of many voters, and they will vote as they have been brainwashed to vote. Fear is the best way to brainwash people by Big Tech and Corporate Media. You can make them feel that without you and the bounteous gifts yo offer they will not get by. And that with you, and your progressive socialism, they will be just fine.

Lesson 2 — Going negative works. So give speeches excoriating your opponents. Tell people your opponents are fascists, or like Hxtlxr, or seeking to ban abortion, or greedy and conspiring to make things expensive, or criminals, subversives, and saboteurs. People are very responsive to a divide, hate, scold, and conquer approach. You, with Big Tech and Corporate Media can mold the to see you in a positive light, and to see your opponent as a fiend, and as their oppressor.

Lesson 3 — Hide a lot. Do not answer questions. Turn your back and walk away. Have an ice cream cone. Ride your bike. Send other people out to answer questions.

Lesson 4 — Have the teachers unions on your side. And all unions if possible. But the teachers first and foremost. Young people are influenced by teachers. Minorities, women, and college-educated can be made to vote for you by just gaslighting them and using the teachers to do it. You can “teach” them to see what you say is there. To hear what you say is important. Tell them the fate of the Earth is at stake. And storms prove it. They don’t know any better. They will believe what you and the teachers tell them.

Lesson 5 — Use CDC Doctors the same way. Repeat your narrative loudly and often, and just beat it into their minds. At some point they take your story to be true. They don’t know any better. They have no basis to doubt Doctors or Teachers. You can use sleep teaching to make young people into activists.

Lesson 6 — Have 200 billionaires and one trillionaire give money to the campaigns of people in your party. Citizens United makes this legal. So grab the cash and buy the power.

Lesson 7 — Every regulation you get to make can be bought and sold through your son and brother. The people who are regulated want to “influence” you. Make them pay, all over the planet. Find the most corrupt nations, and make the oligarchs there pay to “influence” you.

Lesson 8 — Create problems like inflation and Fentenyl that are so huge a devastating that people are forced to cope with the problems rather than confront you. Create a chaos of crime, and get rid of prosecution and police. To keep people off your back give them something to cope with which they are forced to attend to. That way, they leave you alone.

Lesson 9 — Sell your veto pen to the highest bidder. Bank the money. Just let the bidders set the price like at an auction. Put the money in Switzerland where the Congressional investigators will be rebuffed as they seek information about it.

[If you are Brandon you can thank me for the tips. If you are not Brandon, you could learn the lessons so that from now on you know them. If you say an unkind or disrespectful thing to me, this post will be the last one, by me, that you ever see.]


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