What Matters for 2024

First, we know that states control their own elections. We also know that the rules they make can tip the scales for one side, as they have done in 2022.

If states choose NOT to have an election day, but instead to have an election FIVE WEEKS that changes the process from being about votes to a new game that’s all about BALLOTS.

The GOP is way better than the Dems at being not crazy, and having policies that ordinary people want to support.

But, the Dems are way better than the GOP at the Ballots Chase Game.

They have the system totally figured out. They know how to USE five weeks. They know how to harvest those ballots, use 2000 mules, bank hundreds of thousands of countable ballots.

They are piled up in concentrated areas of big cities. They don’t own any land. They cannot make a living on the land. But they are easy to harvest, easy to mule the ballots to a drop box or mule the ballot to a counting center on election day, or to a Post Office to mail them in.

If we fail to grasp what happened to us in 2022, then surely it will happen again in 2024.

The only remedy is the State Houses — the Legislators in the states who set the various rules for elections in the various states. We need the rules to not allow many of the things that hurt the GOP in 2022, for example mass mail-in ballots sent to unverified persons; the five week period for ballots that count (which was Covid-19 related); the no-reason mail in ballots; the no signature mail in ballots; the no residence, or no ID match mail-in ballots. If the states say that all that stuff is OK the GOP has a huge disadvantage. The GOP lacks money, compared to the Dems. The GOP also lacks skill at playing the Ballot hustle game. Our goal is good government, not getting something for nothing by gaming the system.

We want even handed rules in all 50 states by election day 2024.

Second, Trump needs to avoid attacking DeSantis. If Trump does that, he becomes a clear and present liability to GOP, and he should be kicked out of the GOP. Let the primary voters decide who they want to nominate. Do not beat up a sitting Governor just because he may be a competitor in the 2024 Primary.

Trump has way more connections in Media, in Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, and in the Big Banks than Governor DeSantis has. Let’s not deny the will of the GOP voters. Let their wishes be carried out. Trump should try to be an asset not a liability to the GOP.

[You may feel inclined to disagree with some or all of this. If so, please be respectful]


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