Adapt or Lose the Nation

The Founders did not anticipate Covid-19. They did not anticipate mail-in voting. They did not anticipate the emergence of Biden’s vote buying strategy.

But now, in 2022, we know that if the young are promised freedom from their college loans, and free abortions on demand, any time they want them, and free this and free that with money that the government just prints because it can, then they will say “Yes” to that.

If all they have to do in check a few boxes, or make a small grunt, or gesture, and let a “friend” take their ballot to a drop box, they will do it.

If there’s no actual election day, but instead an “election five weeks”, in which votes can be banked weeks in advance, then whoever pumps the most billions into ground game will get the early mail-in votes and be able to bank them.

Biden is a vote buyer, and also an Office buyer.

Biden bought his Office from Rep Jim Clyburn and Sen. Bernie Sanders in exchange for being allowed to decide the content of what would be done using the authority of that Office.

The Covid-19, the 5 weeks of elections, the mail-in ballots, the hundreds of Billions poured into ground game, and the cynical nihilist Bidenism to attain high Office was beyond the powers of the Founders to prevent, or even imagine.

In the meantime the GOP has been asleep at the switch. No actions of any kind were taken to prevent Bidenism from victory in 2022.

The young are not going to grow up between now and 2024. The GOP is not going to wake up from it slumbers, and patriot dreams (of the 1950’s).

So, Biden will be able to make voting even easier.

Maybe just one push of one button on their smartphones.

Biden will be able to promise free food, gas, houses, education, health care, jobs, and travel money if he is elected in 2024. It’s called buying votes.

You sell your Office to Bernie Sanders and you buy votes from the Millenials.

If it did not work, I would not strain my eyes and bruise my fingers to write about it.

It does work. Manifestly. I works!

The GOP will adapt or die.

We are about to be run over by a machine that is well-designed, very energized, and heavy like a steamroller.

You could be a Patriot. You could move to Florida. You could lay low. Or maybe Iowa. Or Idaho.

But that won’t save you.

The GOP does not have the legal skill, the cash, or the political skill to save you. It is a patriot’s party of people who want to have liberty and be left alone.

It is not a world grabber. It is not must have a world. It is not Stalin. It is more like Robert Frost, at mud time.

The Founders were mostly vets and patriots.

The young today are on drugs, too fat, too stupid, too illiterate, too chaotic to serve. So they are passengers, not crew, on the good ship USA.

And aggressive. Biden has taught them how to TAKE what they want, and they plan to do just that.

Why the Founders did not foresee Covid-19, I can’t say.

You may feel it’s a flaw on their part, because you know very well the emergencies that will happen in USA 300 years from now. Or maybe not.

Covid gave us Biden. Biden gave us Bidenism. We adapt or we die.

You think American patriots are the first political group ever to be wiped out by history.

But actually if you know about: Egypt, Persia, Arabia, Israel, China, Vietnam, India, or Japan you know that many brave men lie asleep in the deep — beware …. beware.

History is the story of everybody getting wiped out, erased, cancelled, gonged, defeated, eliminated, and put in the books in the library, which is then burned.

My message is be more alive, while you are alive. If your card says active, be active.

Bidenism works!

It gets defeated or it will, like Nancy Sinatra’s boots, walk all over you.

[Oh now you want to sass me. Don’t. Just zip it. Nuff said.]


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