Credo on my 75th Birthday

At 50 I believed others things. At 100 I will believe other things.

At 75, these are the things I believe today.

1. America was great from 1776 till 1800

2. America was great from 1945 till 1975

3. America will be great sometime after 2024

4. Liberty come from God.

5. Government exists to secure liberty.

6. Ike was a great President.

7. Trump is a person who was able to make America work.

8. The teacher’s unions hold the values of 1968, rioters in Chicago.

9. They installed these by brainwashing the XYZ’s for 25 years.

10. Covid Rules elections will always be dominated by XYZ’s

11. Votes are OK anytime within a 5 week window, by mail, in advance, or weeks after election day.

12. The GOP has been very badly led, so it is simply unable to cope with Covid Rules elections.

13. The Ballot Hustle Covid Rules elections game is 100% owned and mastered by the XYZ’s

14. 5 weeks worth of banked ballots will always beat the ballots voted on on day.

15. Biden in a man with 1968 values. He sees USA as a place that “was never that great”.

16. Biden wants to teach Americans a lesson. The one that Obama wants to teach and Rev. Jeremiah Wright wants to teach.

17. In 60 years zero progress has been made in US poltics.

18. Trump is harming the GOP today, because Trump is too self-centered. All things everywhere all the time are all about Trump.

19. The working middle class is a sleeping giant.

20. Inflation has made this giant awake to the fact that the XYZ’s do not mean us well, can do us harm, and will do us great harm in the future.

[Today, I am 75, so I have a license to spout wisdom. My beliefs are judices, but not pre-judices. They are post-judices, after 75 years I have a right to make a few judgments.

I am not PC, so in Facebook Jail, as usual. If anybody anywhere sees this post, you could copy and paste it to my Facebook page as a favor to me.]


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