Haber Process allows us to make Bread out of Stones

The Haber Process synthesizes ammonia which is fertilizer and allows us to use much less land to grow much more wheat or corn, which becomes bread or beef or chickens.

The Haber process uses natural gas to provide heat, nitrogen, and pressure.

Before Biden we got natural gas from the Marcellus shale and from the Gulf. So, a lot of it was from fracking shale (stones) and we reformed methane plus air into ammonia, then grew crops, then baked bread.

Now with Biden, we will eat bugs, in the dark, and sing Kumbaya with the gay whales in the dark, and Jane Fonda, and Pocahontas.

If this sounds like a Bob Dylan song then, that fits.

Maybe his dream, or Maggie’s Farm, or Highway 61.

Biden/Harris is like an eclipse of reason. They are like a Moon that blocks out all reason.

In two years we may be back in the light.

Even the XYZ’s will see that they were duped.

They will stop listening to the teachers unions and pay attention to their own eyes.

Frack, drill, open ANWR, and get those pipelines flowing again.

We have spent enough time in Phukbrain world. We want prosperity. We want our lives back. We want America back.

And we shall have it.


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