What Does It Take To Make Real Money?

You must be able to reliably recognize (authenticate) something you have made.

What does it take to reliably authenticate an item or document?

You must be able to put some sort of mark, or coded mark, or seal, on the document that nobody can counterfeit, and that you can recognize using an apparatus of some sort.

US 10,176,661 B2 granted on 8 January 2019, and good till 8 January 2039, describes one way of putting a coded mark on an item or document, and an apparatus to detect and authenticate said coded mark.

In this patent, the coded mark is made of Lanthanides elements doped onto nanoparticles such that when light shines on them they give back various colors of light at very specific frequencies.

The authentication apparatus knows what to look for in the very specific frequencies for that specific item being authenticated. The code for that item is stored in the machine. It can look up the code inside its own chips, and then match, or not match what it is supposed to be seeing, with what it is actually seeing.

Every single individual item has its own unique code. In spycraft the technique is called a “one-time pad” and it is not am cipher, and not a code, and not an algorithm —- it is a one-time pad which is BY FAR the hardest form of coding to break. It’s harder than a “book code”. It’s way harder than any digital substitution code. The one-time pad is used when the spy’s life depends on the message not being unlawfully deciphered and read by enemy agents. Diplomatic pouch messages are sent using the one-time pad method. The recipient knows how to look up the correct pad for that specific message. Nobody else has that information. So only the recipient can decode that individual message.

My patent works like that. The message is the colors in the fluorescent returned light. The one time pad is stored in the authentication machine. Only the machine can find the pad that authenticates that specific message.

To make real money, you have to make money that is real. And get people to accept it and use it as real money. Element 79 Gold is real money. So to make real money you have to put Gold (Element 79) in your money. It’s not virtual Gold, digital Gold, imaginary Gold, or Cyber Gold, it is actual factual chemical physical Gold where each atom has the 79 Protons in the nucleus of that atom. It’s not cartoon Gold, or Meta Gold, it Gold that a physical chemist would correctly identify as actual factual Gold.

So what do we have? We have Gold in the money, and one-time pad coding of the money. Putting all that together we have Gold money that can be reliably authenticated. Not like a Gold coin which could be clipped, debased, drilled, or shaved (missing some metal).

So what we have is better than a Gold coin. It can be quickly and surely authenticated by a machine which I call an “apparatus” and a “method” which are words used by patent lawyers.

I’m a photon guy, not a patent lawyer. I do physics, chemistry, and math. I prosecute my own patents, or used to anyway. US 10,176,661 B2 was scrutinized by a team of engineers at the patent office. It works, they said. It’s new they said. It’s useful they said.

That patent would allow a big bank like UBS, Chase, CITI, or Bank of China to take 10,000 tons of Gold, put it into bank notes, print the number of grams of Gold (Element 79) on each note, and issue them as the new global currency. The Gold instead of sitting quietly and passively in piles of bars in vaults would be put to use, in the bank bills that would circulate from hand to hand all over the world.

The bank just has to be able to reliably recognize one of its own bills.

If it can do that then trading 10 grams of Gold in a paper bank bill for 10 grams of Gold in a metal round is not the epitome of financial genius. It’s like trading a quarter for 5 nickles. The bank will provide a Gold round, or credit, paper money, or debt reduction at the London Gold fix for that day. So you get the value at the time you redeem the bank bill for some other form of value. The bank gets 10 grams of Gold (Element 79) and provides 10 grams of Gold (Element 79) or its equivalent in whatever form you wish.

My patent was provisionally filed in 2015, and finally granted in 2019, and has been for sale at $2 million since that time. A global bank with a multinational footprint and customer base, would certainly make at least $20 Billion just in new business, just on the bank bills, by owning and practicing my patent. I’m at Hunter Hill Drive 21742-2588.

If there’s a $100 bill lying on the sidewalk, you pick it up right?

Nobody has bought my patent. If I die, the invention becomes “abandoned” and cannot be refiled. The technology was only “new” once. After 2019 it’s not “new” anymore. But the buyer of my patent can own it totally till 8 January 2039. And get first to market advantage. And get all follow on patents, trade secrets, and know how.

If any human BRINGS ME the buyer for my patent, that person can have 1/2 of what the buyer pays me. BRINGS ME is not the same as gives me a tip, tells me what I could do to find the buyer, provides me with guidance, provides me with counselling, or provides expert insights into things I could do to find the buyer. BRINGS ME means brings to me. The buyer will tell me in the course of closing the deal who brought him to me. I just want to pay for a final outcome, not for advice from an advisor about things I could do to find a buyer.

$20 Billion may not be a lot these days. But banks need ways to stay competitive. To get ahead. To have a new and better product or service. And they are very smart. And they have telephones. Some human on this planet might know a banker, might call that banker, might cause that banker to come and buy my patent. It’s a small deal but a good one. It could be worth making a phonecall. What do you think? If you are like me, and you don’t know any bankers, it does not matter what you think. But somebody, somewhere, knows a banker. That’s my reasoning for this post.

My bio is on the web. My 20 books on this topic are on Amazon. My patent is called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” and you can get it on Google patents. 2 clicks. Heavy labor. Just too hard. Get back to video game. Call of Duty. So exciting. Now you see that’s worthwhile, you pooshee the button, you getta the points, WOW!


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