How We Elected a Phukbrain and How to Survive Two More Years in His Phunhouse

We elected a Phukbrain because Covid Emergency Rules extended the voting franchise suddenly and drastically to include XYZ people who see America through the eyes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Karl Marx.

Under the emergency rules mass mail in ballots were sent to everybody and voting took place over a 5 week period (4 weeks of early voting + I week after election day). This allowed massive ballot harvesting which is actually legal in many states, and which the Left is very good at doing. They have a machine, and a well honed ground game to get harvested ballots to the tally machines one way or another.

Survival for two more years in the Phunhouse of the Phukbrain means keeping yourself housed, fed and employed during a Depression, and with monetary inflation that makes your dollars into pennies. You will endure a time when every other nation comes first before USA, and every other person gets “equity” (false rewards) but you do not.

You will survive deadly streets where murderers are set free the day they are arrested so they can murder more people. You will endure seeing your nation overrun by 15 million invaders with no effort to defend its border. You will experience a time of freakish sexual mores in which men and women are encouraged to cross over and become each other. You will see your kids trained in Marxism, Jeremiah Wright values, and ideas that violate Nature.

OK, so you need a network of friends, a shotgun, a hand gun, a roll of cash, a shelf of medications, and a freezer full of food, or a big box of meals ready to eat. You need your wits. You need to not fear. Fear is the mind killer that paralyses you so actual death can prey on you. You need to go to ground, hunker down, and stay invisible for two years. Hard to do, but you can handle it. The Founders, pioneers, and defenders of freedom endured much worse than you are being called on to prevail over. They faced tribulations and trials of their strength that were ten times more serious than survival in Phukbrain’s Phunhouse, so you can do it.

Make plans. Inventory your supplies. Line up your means and methods of making do, and getting by. Things will get better in January 2025. Phukbrain will be gone, possibly in jail, for running a crime phamily, your heart will still beat as it has for many years, the hard times will not carry you off, they will pass, and you will endure. What it takes is the will to prevail, and you’ve got that.

Try to remember how this happened. And do not let it happen ever again. Put voting right. Get rid of harvesting and banking votes. It’s very hard to beat 5 weeks of ballots with 1 day’s worth of honestly cast ballots. We live in times that have changed. To stay alive, we must adapt and change as the circumstances require. We cannot export the America-hating XYZ people. They are here. They will be here. But we can prevent them from doing their harm, and Tic Tok, and China virus, and invaders, and equity false privilege and Woke values. We can prevent them from running roughshod over us. We have rights. The Courts will uphold the rights we have.

To survive on the battlefield of life you must dodge a lot of bullets. It has always been so. You are part of a tradition of resolute individuals who cope with and deal with the facts that come. Your allegiance to your flag is noble, and unswerving. And to the republic, for which it stands, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.


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