General Enablement Skills Training

Reading Comprehension skill can be tested and certified at 40 levels.

As can General Quantitative Skills (from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus).

And machine shop.

And public speaking.

And persuasive writing.

And home economy

And basic economics

And basic etiquette

These skills are not merely “work-related”. They are related to being an able person.

But corporations seek able persons.

One could imagine a corporation saying we test in all the above areas.

We provide job interviews for persons who score high enough of the tests to meet our employment goals.

You do not need to ever go to any kind of school to take our tests, and see if you qualify for a job interview.

You could be self-educated, home-educated, or un-educated.

What you do by taking the test is to challenge the system.

You get your own lane to a job interview.

If we like your scores, and you, you could get one or several job offers from Departments in this organization.

Starting pay is around $40,000 per year — all your benefits are in your pay. Except your parking space, and your travel allowances if we send you somewhere.

Fenton eliminates education. He makes it be gone.

Fenton is the Sun, the “teachers” say, “How we gonna get any brainwashing done?”

You ain’t.

I am not taking down any schools.

I am bypassing them.

See also Sun Tzu (The Art of War).

Were you as educated as you imagine that you are, you would know all about the bypass attack, which Sun Tzu mentions in several chapters.

What the “teachers” are offering is a non-product, and a non-service.

But it have no wish to argue with them.

I want to build another road to success.

Let the “teachers” find their own fate.


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