Good Features of Twitter

Elon Musk fired most of the Idea Police so you can say what you want on Twitter within some basic parameters.

This means that while you are creating an idea you do not need to worry line by line about if you have done a Bad-Think which will get you jailed for 30 days.

You get the decide what you want to think.

Liberty starts with free thought.

That’s why it is the FIRST amendment.

When you see a “Mercury” dime, please notice the wings on the head of Mercury.

The Founders would have liked Twitter.

And Elon Musk, an immigrant to USA who grasps our system far better that many of our born here people who have become vicious totalitarian tyrants (Zuckerberg) that most resemble Stalin who did away with anybody that did a Bad-Think.

The marketplace of ideas weeds out ideas that are absurdly foolish (except those of Joe Biden, and absolute Niagara of Terrible Ideas).

People who post things to create bombs, or poisons, or plainly sociopathic devices, should be banned, or at least “moderated”, but political ideas should be given broad range of expression which would include things you do not agree with.

And it would even include things that I do not agree with. Which means I have to listen to long-list-of-consonants people with their flakey, twisted, and hazy thoughts about their ideals and how “moral” they imagine themselves to be.

I would de-capitate such and put pates on pikes, using the White House lawn as a display area which is a Thanksgiving blessing —- you do not have me as your national leader, or Genghis the Mighty Khan, who would be just as rigorous.

I go back to doing Lanthanides on nano-particles and heads stay on the shoulders of Libby Libs, and all is right with the world.

Kids would be amused by heads of pikes, but you know what little savages they are. I will provide much amusement for them anyhow, with my meow meow dance and my bow bow dance in the Oval Office, wearing a suit and shirt with cufflinks, with Secret Service guys standing there stonefaced. I run in small circles, flapping my arms like a bird. It’s not as good as heads on pikes, but I would get the kid vote.

[All my old college pals are on Facebook. So being driven off Facebook, and becoming wretched refuse on the shore of Twitter, is one of the trials and tribulations that comprise this Pilgrim’s Progress in this life.]


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