Job — A Comedy of Justice Written by Heinlein Was Supposed to Be Fiction, Until It happened

I woke up one morning and the whole world was upside down. Good was bad, bad was good, front was back back was front, crazy was sane, sane was crazy.

I think it was around 9 November 2022.

Biden turned out to be in sync with lots and lots and lots of people in USA, in Europe, and in the entire West.

To me, his values and ideas seem so obviously madcap and lunatic that it’s hard to imagine they find acceptance with anybody, much less with a powerful majority in all Western nations.

Life does not come with a guarantee that it will stay sane and rational. The topsy-turvyness is captured by Robert Anson Heinlein in said sci-fi novel. The protagonist experiences several major world changes, always a total surprise, and yet with pluck and resilience finds ways to keep surviving.

Heinlein, himself, had a life that was filled with unexpected, twists and turns. He managed to survive by being a brilliant author, and working very hard every day, with the help of his wife.

Another of his books that comes to mind is Tunnel in the Sky, which is about going to a new planet and finding a way to survive there. On that planet there are rabbit-like dopey small animals that appear to pose no threat. But then things change, and the small colony of Tunnel travellers has to find a way to prevail, and endure.

In my life, a few people have really helped me — Ayn Rand, Werner Earhardt, Robert Anson Heinlein and a few of my teachers come to mind. Mental toughness is the core of readiness. It’s OK to expect things to be a certain way, but if suddenly one morning you get up and everything is upside down, your job is to cope, not to philosophize, not to account for the appearances, not to make a theory, not to rationalize events —– To Deal With The New Reality.

You must keep your feet under you on a tilting, swaying, swirling platform called life. It’s about balance in the midst of rapid and radical change. It really is a Comedy of Justice, and if you can laugh, and see the funny side, that helps too. The turn of USA toward progressive socialism has knocked me around like a duckpin, but I’m wiry, tough, scrappy, and ready, like Job.


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