Is Paper Bullion Bank Bill Cryptography Based Money?

In one sense it is. But in the most generally accepted meaning of “cryptography based” it is not.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill [PBBB] is money based on Gold (atoms of Element 79) in the money. But, the authentication of a bank bill contains features that entail a kind of code, which makes it similar in some respects to cryptography.

You would have to use a code. What is the alternative? Writing on the bank bill “The bill contains actual Gold”. Anybody anywhere could write that. But many people are not honest. So if your authentication was based on words on the bill then people would make bills with no Gold in them, but with writing on them saying that there was Gold in them.

Money like that would be no better than the US dollar. which is a piece of paper, with nothing in it but paper, and which has words on it that say it has some value for some purpose to somebody.

US 10,176,661 B2 which is called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” can be found at the US Patent Office, at Google Patents, at Justia, and on the bookshelf of Robert Fenton Gary on It’s not that technical, but I want you to have all the details if you wish to have them.

The coding is based on Lanthanide ions seated on Nanoparticles. These ions return secondary (fluorescent) photons, at specific narrowly defined wavelengths, when the bank bill or other item is exposed to light in the range 200 nm to 1500 nm.

The authentication method can be used for money orders, evidence tags, art tags, gem tags, container lock tags, DNA sample tags, depository receipt tags, rare documents, rare objects, packages of industrial parts, ID cards, and many other applications.

In a way, you could say there is a code involved. But it’s not a digital code, or a smartphone code, or a cyberspace code, or a traditional cipher, or blockchain type code.

What is coded is the fluorescent (secondary) photons. They are validated based on a one-time pad, which means they are linked to that specific object (bank bill, or DNA sample). The authentication machine contains a library of all the one-time pads in the system. The object tells the machine what one-time pad in its library to look at, and apply. The machine then calls up the one-time pad, applies it, and determines if the object under study is authentic or not based of whether there is a match or not.

Here is the big True Fact — if all the digital stuff goes kerfluey, the net is down, the grid is down, your smartphone stopped working, the Bitcoin code can’t be found, the buttons do not work, the cell tower collapsed, your access number no longer works — etc etc etc —–


Somebody somewhere on this planet will still place value on Gold (Element 79, with 79 protons in each nucleus).

They have placed value on Gold for 10,000 years at least. You would have to be incredibly unlucky if the day your get a Paper Bullion Bank Bill — 9 billion people all at once decide that Gold has no value. Nobody can see any use for it in electronics. In optical systems. In high performing aerospace systems, in medicine, in coins, or it jewelry. 9 billion, all at once, the day you get a Paper Bullion Bank Bill that says “10 grams Fine Gold”.

Such an unlucky person this universe has never seen. You would be the first. So, yes that is the risk you take.

Or you could take the 9,395,763,494,906 risks of cyber world, digital imaginary world, smartphone button push world, grid and internet world, access code world, world in which you are de-platformed and un-personed for having a thought that is not identical to Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates. If you get un-personed all your accounts stop working. One “bad thought” can make it so.

But, you can think whatever you want and your 10 grams of Fine Gold will still be there in your Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

You say you want metal you can bite, not a “bank bill”.

Burn off the paper. The yellow ball at the bottom of the crucible is your Gold metal. Put it in your mouth and bite it. Now, are you happy?

PBBB is all the things Bitcoin was supposed to be, but is not. It is a sure store of value. It endures no matter what. It can be turned into bullion Gold anytime, by anybody, with a match and a crucible. It is anonymous. It can pass from hand to hand with no record. It can be authenticated by any participating bank. Which will give you cash or credit, or metal for it.

My patent will not sell until somebody needs to infringe it. When a big bank sees that their best path forward entails infringement of my patent, they will pay me $2 million for it to get me out of the way. They know I am a retired Navy JAG with 40 years of trial experience in the Federal Courts. Bears do not try to harm porqupines. Big banks will not try to steal my technology. They know that just buying my patent is way cheaper and safer for them.

Robert Fenton Gary, Hunter Hill Drive 21742-2588, I can only sell the patent to ONE buyer. I’m 75, and if I die the technology cannot be patented — it was “new” in 2019, but it will never be “new” again. If you buy my patent, you own the technology till 2039. Worth at least $20 Billion to a multinational bank like UBS, Bank of Japan, CITI, Chase, Deutche Bank, Wells Fargo, Blackrock, etc.

Send me a postcard. Cost ya 22 cents. Could be worth it.


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