Do Biden Lies Affect the Solvency of Americans?

Biden when awake lies with every breath. Half of century has established this habit in him. Many suckers have given Biden permission to lie his way through life.

Yes, yes, but does this affect the solvency of Americans?

People who rely on Biden to be telling them the truth, get the rug pulled out from under them when the Biden lie dissolves into nothingness.

The real problem comes when Biden lies result in massive nationwide inflation.

If people are forced to choose between paying for food/heat/medication OR paying their mortgage, they will choose to stay alive today and hope that somehow they can overcome the mortgage problem tomorrow.

This is all well and good, except for companies that trade in mortgages, and mortgage-backed securities, like banks, and real estate finance people.

A collapse of that sector happened in 2008 and led to a collapse of the US economy.

When the banks go down, people lose access to their money. FDIC under Biden will turn out to be Lying Biden FDIC, so not a backstop for money you lose when your bank goes down.

Countries with no tradition of truth telling have no tradition of profit.

For profit to happen, somebody somewhere must tell the truth. There has to be somebody that’s not Biden, or like Biden. If everybody is a con artist and a career criminal then the sum of all of them cannot produce net revenue.

Biden will be about to leave office, and possibly this life, around the time the edifice of lies collapses upon itself, like a fake Bitcoin, or a fake OneCoin, or a fake Bernie Madoff, or a fake Bernie Sanders.

So the inflation will lead to mortgage defaults, which will lead to bank failures, which will lead to societal collapse, and in the end to Martial Law, and states run by the National Guard.

Yes, that seems like a detail, but what does it mean to you?

OK. One thing it means is that you need a reliable plan to exfiltrate yourself from the USA to someplace where your chance of sustaining your own life is better. I would give you a list of places, but you would pay them no mind, busy as you are, with cat videos.

For me, Canada, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Hungary, Check Republic, Austria, Norway, and Iceland are worth considering. Oh, look at what that funny cat did — hahaha. I try to make friends in General Aviation. Charter flight people. Independent operators.

I try to keep cash on hand. And food on hand. That lasts, without a freezer.

Biden got away with whoppers for half a century, so maybe he will be replaced before his lies cause the collapse of USA. Two years. Some say it’s a short time. Some say it’s a long time. Some say that by the end of two more years the situation will be past saving, and that Larry Kudlow and Art Laffer could not pull us out of it.

Finland is also a fine place.

But, look at that silly cat — did you ever see anything like that?

Honest — I wish truth had more value and that I could do more for you, and that truth could save you. Here’s what you need — readiness, mental toughness, secure movable, valuable assets, and contingency plans. You need wings, and air beneith your wings. You need data, connections, and supportive friends. You need pluck, guts, and alertness. You need to think like a boss.


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