Streetcars, Light Rail, and Elon Musk

One of the things Elon Musk’s new technologies has enabled is the Tesla cars.

But the genius motor technology that Elon put into his Tesla cars could also be put into streetcars, and more generally, light rail.

These could be powered by a wire from above like the 1950’s streetcars had. Or they could be powered by batteries built into the vehicle.

When vehicles are made as a fleet, they can all return to a central station, and be charged overnight, when rates are low, and the cost of hooking them all up is low.

Would they be safe? Would the public use them?

It depends on the city. In a city that is law-respecting, and contains very few homicidal maniacs, the public will feel safe enough on public streetcars and light rail trains, if the identity of the ticket buyers is verifiable — like it’s not on the subways of New York City.

In places run by progressive socialists nobody feels safe in public. This sort of people seems to be growing in numbers. But there would still be a few major cities and hundreds of smaller towns where law is respected, and people are not afraid to use public transit.

Beyond streetcars and light rail, Elon’s wondrous engine technology could also be used in busses, powered from overhead or by battery in the bus.

These new ways of using Tesla motor technology would, on balance neither harm nor help Elon financially. He would sell less cars but more public transit vehicles. It would be a wash for Elon, but an advance for the general public, and a huge step forward for the Green Enviros, who, of course, are very horrible, but I’m just looking at the engineering here not the moral idiocy, or personal deportment. One seeks efficiency. And if it’s “green”, that is not a good reason to discard it. Quick, quiet, thrifty, convenient streetcars could be good for the economy. People would spend less getting to and from work, keep more of what they earn, and grow the middle class, and the upper middle class. When more people make a profit on their work, more of them want to work. Profit is a motivator, you know that from Wealth of Nations, and from Larry Kudlow, you don’t need to hear it from me.

Down with idiocy. Up with efficiency. If Elon’s technologies can serve well in streetcars and light rail trains, let’s have it there.

My patent is US 10,176,661 B2 and it deals with photons, not with electric motors. Full disclosure, I have no dog in this fight. We are living in The Stupid Age, and we’ll get through it, and back to better times soon. Science and technology will help a lot. So will Elon Musk.


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