The Smartphone Flashmob Factor — Effect on Elections, marketing, stock trading, and regime change

They say that AR-15’s are tools of war, but they lie. Biden always lies.

Smartphone flashmobs are truly a tool of war. I always tell the truth as best I know it to be.

The “meme” stocks — Gamestop, AMC, Twitter, etc are subject to conspiracy/manipulation by smartphone flashmobs.

Gold and silver trading have been mass spoofed by conspiracy flashmobs.

The Dem voters in 2020 and in 2022 were a vast flashmob precisely coordinated into a mass ballot harvest hustle by block captains, state coordinators, regional field commanders, and national committee members.

The people seeking to bring down Xi in China are a smartphone flashmob that includes a Billion people like Tiananmen Square.

The Enviros and Green New Deal people are a vast smartphone flashmob seeking to cripple USA as part of the Frankfurt School strategy of Marxist Saul Alinsky actions.

Tool of war is what the smartphones are. The Left uses them with adroit precision. The Right has no idea how to use smartphones, or how to do flashmob actions.

Or how to hustle ballots. Mass mail then harvest, door to door. Take ballots into the system (suitcase at midnight). Feed them fast into tally machines. Rack up millions of votes “in the bank” before election day, when in the 1950’s the old codgers voted and think they still should.

The top brass at RNC is braindead like Biden. They do not see. They do not know. They have no plan, no strategy, no way to countervail. They have not even talked about this issue. They got sandbagged in 2020, and in 2022, and will get sandbagged again in 2024, unless they are fired and replaced en masse by much smarter, more aware people.

The GOP needs a ground game. The election of Fetterman, Biden, Harris, and possibly Warnock should tell us that we are being out generalled in the field. All four of said candidates are outlandishly in the Zone of Madcap Lunacy [ZML]. Anybody listening to them for 2 minutes would know it. But they slaughter us when the votes are counted.

The GOP could raise the money, the talent, the technology, and the manpower to have a ground game in 2024. But in a Potemkin economy, made of zombie organizations, nobody does their job, so Rhona McDanielle is no worse than anybody else. Elon just paid $44 Billion for a company that turns out to be an empty building, with robots, and SEO algorithms. He paid a vast sum. He got nothing but liabilities, and fakery.

Two years is too short a time for this message to penetrate to the RNC and be acted on. They will be so sandbagged in 2024. I will have been right, but it will give me no joy. The Pythia was right. Cassandra was right. Tyresias was right. A lot of good it did them. Where is their “Pour Le Merite” — not on their chest because they never got it.

Being right is its own punishment. Not its own reward. Persons of seeing, can see, but knowing is not victory. Hector knew what would happen to him. But he lost. Same with Andromache. Same with Penelope. Same with Cassandra. Same with The Orb, your seer, who brings you news of tomorrow, so you can ignore it, but say you knew all along.


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