The Georgia Runoff

Warnock is more qualified to hold a seat in the US Senate.

Walker is not as qualified to be a US Senator than Warnock is.

By any “objective” standard Warnock should beat Walker.

Except for one “little” point.

The majority in the US Senate turns on this runoff election.

That means all the Chairmen of every Committee in the Senate.

The majority of votes in every Committee.

The Leader of the Senate.

Which means judicial appointments.

Senate confirmed Federal Offices.

Senate approval of bills enacted in the US House, so they become Federal law.

So, shall we focus on the smaller issue (who is “better” qualified) or shall we focus on the big picture issue (who holds political power in USA as a whole)?

Georgians should do what they think is good for Georgia.

There is no bigger picture they are morally obligated to attend to or serve.

Whatever happens happens.

The Democrat power grows, and is exercised to make Green War on the Sky, as Biden is now doing, it will be reeled in when 2024 comes.

My faith is in democracy.

My have no ideology. No racist racist racist. Up with woke, I will not put. I am for doing an honest count and let the chips fly out as they will. My confidence is that the consent of the governed will self-correct as required to keep the USA intact and functional.

I am white, from RH-4 zone in NYC, educated in Europe, and by Leo Strauss, and expect nothing from my readers. I want to serve them, but do not hope they will serve me. Good, Truth, and Beauty are my ideas. And when I write, I care only about truth. I don’t look at my skin color to decide what to say. That may seem outlandish these days. It is the old school New Amsterdam way, and I am stuck with it. You be what you are, I will be what I am. We can’t help it. We can live in joy. So just do that. And be kind.


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