The Future of Cities in USA

There will be sidewalks. The inner side of the sidewalks, toward the buildings, will be lined with high, maximum security chain link fences. Nobody on the sidewalk will be able to touch any part of a building. They are free to walk on the sidewalk, or to step out into the street, but they are blocked from touching the building unless and until they have be securely identified, and permitted to make passage through the chain link fence.

Movement from building to building will be by skywalks (bridges between building), or by helicopter, or by flying car — multifan drone style, but strong enough to carry a person.

The public will be confined to public spaces, which can include streets, parks, sidewalks, zoos, theaters, and museums.

Entry into buildings will be by permission. This will include all stores. All apartments. All buildings that are not municipal, judicial, police emergency medical or administrative.

We of the West did not want or anticipate that mankind would become feral and jungle like.

But, surprisingly, it has done just that.

When this changes, that must change.

It’s called responding or adapting, or adjusting.

It’s what intelligent people do.

The West is a culture of reason, science, logic, and civilized conduct, not arson, rape, bombing, and looting. We of the West will not become feral or jungle like. We will arrange to have habitat for ourselves that suits our deportment, values, and ethos.

This is not a sin or a crime. The left will denounce it as a sin and a crime. But they will have to do that from the other side of the fence.

The border is gone. The people out there could be anybody. From anywhere. With any agenda.

What they cannot touch, they cannot harm.

We will know who walks among us.

We once thought to government could handle that.

But it went slothy.

Like a three-toed sloth. Except with five toes, and can sit up in chairs.

You say you want a revolution. I am the voice of Nature. I give you what you call for.

Feel free. But keep it in your areas.

Let us live in peace, without you. We banish you from our property only. Not from public property. We do not deport you. We take nothing from you. You never had a right to be included in our company. The First Amendment clearly declares our right to freedom of association. We choose not to associate with jungly feral humans. You may feel that is wrong. But you are not us.

Let each free person be free to be free, and not to do everything your way.

That would not be free. It would be Leftie Tyranny.

We have no comment to make about any social issues. We don’t want you to teach us about them. We want you to stay outside the fence, unless we let you in.

If the government strikes us down, it will collect zero revenues, and it knows that, so it won’t.

The Left can and has collapsed the country, but it will not drive us off our own land.

Persons without reason can be a threat. but not for very long. A few decades and they will be gone with the wind. Feral humans are disconsolate chimeras destined for sad endings. Not something we did to you. Something Nature demands, see also Darwin.


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