Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies A Personal Perspective

Try to imagine a society where humans were able to tell the boys from the girls.

2000 years ago in Athens, such a society existed, so it’s not impossible.

Seeking to be helpful, in our new modern times one might say the boys are the ones with the penis, and the girls have the vagina, and ovaries, and breasts.

OK, now you are furious. Even a fraction of a tincture of reality has put you in a rage.

Me too! Let’s all be in a rage. I would kick myself off my own page, for the good of mankind, and the planet — for Justice, and Equity, and many consonants, and Intersectionality.

I do not claim the sexually dysphoric people belong in lunatic asylums. One Hxtlxr was bad enough. Humanity would not benefit if we had another. So let’s have liberty. Let’s let people be as they are. I feel the same way about Progressives, and Lefties. and democrats.

We do not have to meet the standard of ancient Greece in terms of being normal and healthy minds in healthy bodies. If we are degenerates as a society. then that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I identify as a billionaire, and yet if I write a check for more than a few hundred dollars the bank will not cash it. How come society won’t go alomg with my gag, and yet it is more than ready to go along with many consonants people’s gags?

I feel that there’s absurdity discrimination.

My kind of unreality is a victim, and the many consonants people are fully indulged.

Is that equal justice under law?

I think not. There should be many consonants banks who will cash my $1,000 checks because I identify as a billionaire. And I wear the silk top hat, like the monopoly guy, and the monocle.

We should all get to be nutty as hell together. Make the streets the asylum. Make the service academies the areas reserved for people who are not normal.

I just want equal treatment. Why can’t they go along with my gag? If I’m ready to agree that girls have penises and guys have wombs and ovaries, I don’t get it. Do I sound like Rosanna Rosannadana? Yes, perhaps, but I do not try to look like her.

Periclean Athens was a place of sound minds in healthy bodies. My own personal perspective is that it’s OK to have a society like that. I’m not asking anybody to agree with me, except Edith Hamilton.

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