Incentives to Use Workbooks and Tests Would Allow Education As We Know It to be Bypassed

Kids are much more flexible than you imagine if they are offered a reasonable proposition on terms that makes sense.

What can you offer a kid to incentivize working using workbooks to take and score high on multiple choice objective tests.

Well, 48,957,823 possible things

So where is the list of these.

I will list just a few:

1. Release from the classroom and free time. If you work with the book and take the test and do well then you can be free, on campus, for the rest of the day.

2. You could use the gym.

3. You could play video games.

4. You could hold a dance.

5. You could do science, or coding, or math, or programming, or hacking.

6. You could do music in a band, marching band, chamber music, solo, or orchestra.

7. You could lift weights.

8. You could play chess.

9. You could have conversations

10. You could fly a kite

and 48,957,813 other things

The retired Navy SEAL will assure that you remain in your seat and quiet. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by releasing yourself by making some effort in the workbook and showing some progress by taking the test.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose.

A kid could grasp the logic of this.

All education is self-education.

In Fentonian Workbook/Test education there is no teacher.

No teacher means no sex talk.

No teacher means no political indoctrination.

You are still free top be a Marxist or a many consonants person if you like.

But you will not be guided in those directions by a “teacher” per se.

How can there be education without a teacher?

I just told you, go back to the top and read again.

Are you feeling attacked by a micro-aggression?

Get a therapist, maybe do group sessions, with chamomile tea, poor you, there there dear.

Is this going to happen?

Not, this year, but soon you will see it begin to happen.

How do you know?

I am a seer.

Also, it is necessary.

The necessary happens after everything else has been tried and failed.

My system will work. It will pedigree itself in the field like a good hunting dog.

If my system is coupled with huge corporations that hire based on scores on skills tests, there will be no more schools, colleges, or universities.

Except The Beloved College, for reasons stated in a separate post.

Could people still hire unionized teachers if they want to?

Sure. Liberty means people can do what they want to do.

You could have whole schools that were political training camps or long string of consonants training camps, with whales, and Kumbaya, and Sky War all the time.

Liberty is not just liberty for me. You can have it too.

I’m not the source. God is. I want to help you secure your God Given Liberty.


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