If We Ever Seek to Restore Law and Order to USA, We Will Pay For It By Giving Up Some of Our Liberty

I do not assert that we will ever seek to restore law and order to USA. We have become a feral jungle and we may decide to stay that way.

But capitalism requires a stable platform on which to produce, sell, invent, consume, and manufacture. This is why many places on Earth are simply not possible places where capitalism can expect to appear or thrive.

USA will not become China, but it will become way more like China in those features that China has which cause its population to be orderly and tame.

Identification of individual humans is the core requirement for a tame society. You have to know who everybody around you are.

Boundaries, or “pens” for the humans is the second core need. People must have a place where the are “supposed” to be, and they must be kept more or less in their places at all times.

Very low cost ways to make bad conduct impossible is the third core feature of bringing a wild savage jungle to order. This can entail keeping most people away from certain things, or technologies, or information. If people do not have what they need to do wilding and act like feral jungle creatures they will not so behave. They will be tame, or domestic instead, like in ancient Egypt or modern China.

So look for an America with a lot less liberty over the next 100 years. It will be a post Biden version of America. The America that comes after the “time of turmoil”.

You will need an ID card to get into anything that is not a desert area, or a mountain top, or open water.

There will be factories, malls, stores, and towns where free enterprise is made possible by the existence law and order. Hard to imagine, but it’s coming. You might not live to see it, or want to see it, but prosperity is a goal that people have sought and attained for 10,000 years at least, and when the wilding time is over, we will go back to it.

The existing US Constitution may or may not allow such changes in favor of law and order to be made. The Article III Courts and the State Governors and the future President will have to sort that out. If I may opine here, I would suggest that incrementalism or gradualism would be the best way to re-organize. Experiment with “improvements” — try them out, see what works, do not try to replace the entire system with a “new and better” green new deal utopia.

It is not a sin or a crime to disclose these things to you. It is not a sign that I wish them to occur. It is not an “ism” or an ethos, or a principle. I am the voice of Nature. I was sent by Reality to say how things are. You must use my words, or disregard them, as you are able to do. I make no hypothesis on whether mankind can “make it” from where we now are. The post Biden years will work out as they will. All facts are friendly when you are making decisions, so be kind and play nice with the messenger.


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