Who Is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is a communist, an agent of the China Communist Party, the President of the United States, and the husband of Jill Biden.

His original money support came from Philadelphia, the most corrupt city in USA.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s Philadelphia was very hippie intensive, with lots of head shops, and psychedelic art, and Summer of Love people. It had areas that were intensely left leaning, and these are the places that Joe Biden got his money to run for the US Senate. He used that Philadelphia money to buy political power in a tiny state called Delaware, and he got elected to the US Senate.

Serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee his claim to fame was his effort to sabotage the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court, which did not succeed. Biden made no substantive contribution to the work of the US Senate.

Due to Covid, and to mail-in ballots, and to the well-organized Democrat machine, Biden was able to hustle ballots well enough to get elected President in 2020. The tally machines were not rigged, but the ballot hustle organization to bring lawful ballots to the tally machines was way better on the Democrat side and virtually non-existent on the GOP side.

Three generations of students had been groomed to be Che Guevara style lefties by the teacher’s unions. 2020 was their big chance to vote, and they did, and they elected a communist.

Since his election, Biden has been actively seeking ways to buy votes, first from Bernie Sanders, then from the Dreamers, then from people seeking the forgiveness of their student loans. As a vote buyer, who never worries about “optics”, but whose entire focus on vote buying, Biden is very arithmetic grounded, Biden has dominated the politics in USA from 2020 till the present (December 2022).

Biden has done more harm to the USA than any human ever dreamed of doing. This was accomplished by dissolving the border, by throwing Trillions of dollars into Green War on the Sky (content free “jobs” for enviros) and killing off five major industries in USA (cars, gas, oil, coal, and pipelines).

The Biden family gets money from the China Communist Party and 10% always goes to the “Big Guy”. Same thing happens in Ukraine. Much of the Ukraine money ends up back in the pocket of Joe Biden.

People don’t want a crooked communist to be running USA, but if the alternative is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden has an insurance policy.

The GOP has not organized itself to meet the Joe Biden challenge, and may never do so. Much of it will be dead by November of 2024. The same kids that put Biden in office (the Bernie and Che Greenie Group) will still be voting in 2024.

The march of time and history is nobody’s “fault”. It just happens.

But, letting unionized teachers have custody of American kids for 25 years with nobody paying attention was plainly an unforced error. Serious students of history would have known better than to do that.

I am the voice of Nature. I bring the news. I do not make it. In the case of Joe Biden, I deplore what has transpired. I am the messenger. Being angry at me has no meaning, impact, or value. You could benefit by hearing the message. It could help you make better a future.


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