The Day that Justice Became Unfair

The year is 2040, you retired in 2030, after teaching in the public schools for 30 years.

As a teacher, you strongly promoted Progressive values, “social justice”, and the Green War on the Sky.

Finding this quite amusing, to loose the dogs of chaos as new voters going to the ballot boxes the make the world a better place — more Just, more Equitable, more Environmentally Sustainable.

Today, January 10 2040 you find out that your Social Security account is gone. Congress has decided to re-allocate that money to reparations.

The new rule is that criminals are victims and get extra reparations, based on how many people they murdered in the streets.

Also, there are now 84 recognized sexes one of which identifies as the “pay me” sex, and wears its private parts outside its clothing. If you use an incorrect pronoun on a “pay me sexual” you will be fined, and the fine will be used to compensate the victim of your violent discriminatory conduct. If there’s intersectionality the fine could be doubled or tripled.

Now comes you to Facebook with a post saying “wait a cotton picking minute — I got up at 7 am every weekday for 20 years to bust my butt teaching in a public school, for pay that was very low, and now, when I retire, I must live in a cardboard box on the street because my benefits have all vanished and taxes on me are sky high due to Woke people in the Congress (that I educated).

Holy Mackerel you say, Jumping Jehosephat! how could Justice have become so unfair?

I’m with you baby, always was. Yeh you work a lifetime to claw your way into the middle class and now you live on the street like a resident of San Francisco. Maybe you could get into victim status by murdering some people, wear your sexual parts outside you clothes or having your skin changed to a different color. If you can become a favored one, life will be better, everything will be free, you will get special pronouns, you can make people talk a special way, and treat you a special way.

You need to learn the lesson that you taught. It was such a funny funny prank when you were siccing those wild dog students on the rest of society, but now, it’s not funny at all. It’s downright unfair. Justice has become unfair. Who’da thunk it?


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