Missing Out —- On What?

You may think that missing out is missing out, and that it does not matter on what, but that’s not true.

When it comes to cryptos which are a nullity composed of nothingness is a nebula of non-being, your hope is that the squiggly line will go up and not down, and your fear is that you will miss out on the squiggle going up, and thus miss out on your chance to sell a nullity of nothingness at a higher price than you paid for it.

It’s like missing out on betting on even, when no more bets are valid, the wheel is spinning, and it may land on an even number, and you will have missed out on doubling your money.

Missing out on buying Apple stock in 1993 is a whole different thing. Apple is not a nebula of non-being. It is a major global corporation, with actual products, and patents, and know-how, and markets, and customers, and services.

Beyond that missing out on Lockheed-Martin a week before it makes a breakthrough that enables small scale fusion reactors that make electric power cleanly, and using the same method that runs the Sun our local star, would most truly be missing out on a technology that will change all economies all over the world for all time.

So there’s missing out on the tergiversations of a squiggle, and there’s missing out on the most consequential discovery in science and technology of the past 1000 years.

My claim is that those two varieties of “missing out” are not the same. They are different. Thus my question “Missing out — on What?” has meaning, and is not entirely arbitrary, and in the eyes of the beholder.

If you must invest, try to bet on things that are more than a squiggle on paper. Things that are real, that make a difference, that contribute in some way to the fate of mankind. Do not bet on how a mirage may appear an hour from now. It is a nullity now. It will be a nullity then. Betting on mirages is like betting on Bitcoin, and that means it is the bet of an imbecile in a casino at a roulette table — “odd or even”.

You are free to comment, but if I don’t like what you say, I am free to make you not be in my presence or able to read my posts. How’s that for fair. You get the first clause of the First Amendment, I get the second clause. You speak as you please, I associate with whom I will.


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