Teacher Based Education is On the Way Out

We will transition to workbooks and tests, and bypass teacher based education over the next 25 years.

The alternative, which would be political supervision of teachers is contrary to our mores, and anathema to our values.

I would have no problem with “political officers” watching over schools, colleges, and universities at all levels.

Just to make sure we do not have another round of the Woke Apocalypse, which will certainly happen if nobody pays any attention to what the teachers are teaching, like over the past 25 years.

But, my dreams of a Patriotic American Renaissance are just the dreams of an old man. No political officers will be appointed, we will continue with “academic freedom” (teachers paid to make your kids hate you, their country, and all of US history).

So, the teachers cannot be repaired, reformed, or guided. They will be eliminated, since that is the only viable alternative consistent with American “values”. You can’t tell a teacher what to teach. But you can eliminate the teacher and install workbooks and tests instead.

I have dreams of some states that are so conservative they go ahead and appoint political officers to ride herd on the teachers, but I cannot imagine which states those would be — maybe Kansas, or Idaho, or Utah, nah, not likely even there.

When evil is not made impossible, it will run rampant, and always does. That’s how we got the current Woke Apocalypse — 25 years of evil running rampant in High Schools, Colleges, and Universities. We could have used our knowledge of history to anticipate and quell that but we didn’t, and we never will. We are not like strongly right wing countries, if there are any today. We are us. And “academic freedom” is the cross we bear, and we must deal with that issue, or surely it will deal with us.

Workbooks and tests are very skin color not seeing. They are also sexual identity not seeing. And economic class not seeing. They are, as they claim to be “objective”.

When I took the Bar exam it was based on workbooks and tests. My 1% score on the “objective” test, which lasted two full days, was high enough do they did not look at or read my essays, which had been prepared for by going to and ABA accredited lawschool and getting JD degree.

The essays went in the paper shredder. The 1% score on the two day multiple choice test was my shiboleth to enter the Bar and become a trial lawyer, in Court.

If law can be done that way, so can anything. Liberals arts, physics, pre-med, business, anything but the performing arts, and public speaking can be learned from workbooks and tested by tests.

Carlysle PA — I spent a week there in 1976, getting the heck tested out of me. Writing essays worthy of publication, that went in the trash. 99% of the people who took the multiple choice tests did not do as well as I did. Same thing happened on the ASVAB, and at OIS, and at Naval Justice School. One has talents, and that’s one on mine. Full disclosure to tell you this, so my idea about replacing teachers by workbooks and tests can be seen in context.

Better to go “objective” than to try to muzzle or control teachers and Professors. I want the values we hold to be maintained. But I want another round of Woke Apocalypse to be averted.

Now comes you with a far better idea. And now all of me is ears. I am all ears. I want a better idea. If you have one, please stand and deliver.


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