Biden Got the Most Votes, But His Inauguration Was Not Valid.

The main component of a valid inauguration is the Oath to Uphold the Constitution of the United States.

A main part of the US Constitution is Article IV section 4 which says the United States SHALL protect each state against invasion.

Biden said during his campaign and in debates that he intended to have an open border.

An open border is the opposite of protecting each state against invasion.

And open border allows invasion.

Invasion is the opposite of protecting against invasion.

When Biden took the Oath of Office it was with “purposes of evasion” because hsi intent was do do the opposite of what Article IV section 4 required him to do.

Biden is a subversive.

He entered his Office of President with intent to subvert that Office by doing the opposite of what that Office required him to do.

Biden’s Presidency should be declared null and void due to his being a subversive, and having purposes of evasion when he took the Oath of Office.

Biden did get the most votes. So this is not about the vote count. Or the count of the Electoral Votes, all of which was done according to the law as it existed at that time.

But a valid Presidency requires a valid Oath of Office, and said Oath cannot be taken with purposes of evasion, and if a person’s intent is to do the opposite of what the Constitution requires, then that person’s purpose is to evade the terms of the Oath, which vitiates the Oath and makes the Inauguration void ab initio.

Yes, I am a Constitutional Lawyer, since 1977 and Member of the Bar of the US Supreme Court.

Yes, I think Biden is a subversive whose tenure in Office should be declared null and void by the Article III Courts.

No, I do not think that we need to rely on Congress to impeach Biden, although that is an additional possibility to assure his removal from Office.

One cannot protect and defend the US Constitution while also intending to do the opposite of what the Constitution requires one to do.

Biden is an enemy of USA. He never properly entered to Office of President. He needs to be identified as a fake and removed by the Judicial Branch, and/or by the Legislative Branch.


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