FOREX Emergency Plans to Cope with Biden’s USA

The struggle between Biden and the Congress may end in a peaceful compromise in September, or there could be a government shutdown, and even a default on the debt.

This would happen if the Federal government could not pay the interest it owes on its bond, and bills.

A short shutdown is no big deal. But a shutdown till January 2025 will rock the nation, although DOD, Social Security, and Medicare will not be affected.

But, a default will rock the nation and your world. You may want to be elsewhere for awhile. Civil order may be lost in USA. Canada dollars are a possible FOREX trade you may wish to consider. Swiss Francs are facing their own problems right at this moment due to bank write downs.

The Royal Bank of Canada is very solid. Canada is a Gold mining country. Montreal is very civilized, and if you speak French you could be there till 2025, if you can pay your way. Most Canadians speak English.

We saw the burning of 30 cities in USA when the youth decided to do some “wilding” last Summer. If that happens this Summer, the thin Blue Line is thinner now due to George Soros, Alvin Bragg, and Joe Biden, who seems to be able to kill everything he touches (Afghanistan, Border, EV Cars, Education, Economy, Trade, Transportation, Everything).

Sometimes tornados happen and many things fly through the air, and with jugular on one side and carotid on the other, anything could land anywhere, even on the most high ranking person in the Executive Branch, and I was at Hotel California with two others, and we all agree that none of us did it. Tornado did it. Not us.

Joe Biden has caused a lot of deaths, at the border, from Fentanyl, in Kabul, in the fossil fuels and pipelines businesses, in the car business, in the building business, in the banking business, and in healthcare, farming, retail, and small business.

If something like a 530V flew through the air and landed —- well it was not me. I have two witnesses. There could be President Harris. Biden would not even need a pardon. Save her some paperwork. If he’s gone. How will the family stay in bribes without the Big Guy? Anyhow, it was not me.

Make a contingency plan so you are not caught flat footed. If you plan to go North, know how to get on the road fast. Have your passport. Have your funds in Canada dollars. Keep gas in your car. Keep your ready bag by the door. In the critical time, there is not much time. Chase knew it. So did Phillips.


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