Big US Bank Sought To Buy Breakthrough Patent

My patent is called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items“.

Here is what a Big US Bank could do with my patent:

1. Issue Paper Bullion Bank Bills, which look like regular paper money except the have gold right in the paper 1/10th oz., 1/4 oz., or 1/2 oz. enmeshed in the fibers of the paper.

2. Use Paper Bullion Bank Bills is international trade, for wealth management, and for inter-bank and inter-company debt settlements.

3. Use Paper Bullion Bank Bills as the new global reserve currency. They are better than fiat paper money because they are based on gold not promises. They are better than regular gold bullion because they do not need to be assayed, and they cannot be counterfeited.

4. Fiat paper money is expanding without limits. $23 Trillion in debt and they are adding $1.5 Trillion this year alone. Millenials will soon be the largest target market segment for Big US Banks. They want runaway fiat paper money to stop.

5. The “method” of my patent can also be used by a bank for: ID cards, evidence tags, coin and jewel tags, shipping container seals, letters of credit, money orders, cashier’s checks, art tags, and DNA tags. These embodiments of my patent would help the bank’s commercial trade, trust, and wills departments make secure document and item confirmations.

6. My patent is a core breakthrough that will open up many new embodiments and follow-on technologies. A large US bank could license the banking applications to other banks, and sell the other applications to firms that wish to develop them.

7. By structuring the acquisition of this IP and the distribution of the rights under the patent for specific types of applications, the bank could recover its invested cost of buying the patent from me very quickly. Large organizations have a far superior ability to communicate with large organizations than by that possessed by individual scientists or inventors.

8. My price today, April 18, 2018, for a fee simple absolute assignment of my patent, is $2,000,000 US. I can only sell the patent to one buyer. It has to be somebody that shows up, and here’s how to reach me: or http://www.

9 If you would like more info on my patent, please go to

10 I f you wish to obtain a copy of the patent, please go to Amazon.comunder books by Robert Fenton Gary — “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” in download or in paperback, or you can get it from USPTO, where it was allowed and published on 18 January 2018.


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