New Photo Posted Today 2 May 2018

Before I retired as a Navy JAG, I was decorated by the Secretary of the Navy, and that little orange and green thing on my cap symbolizes my Navy Achievement Medal.

Currently, I work as an inventor at Gary Research, and I’m trying to get word of mouth about my patent “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” and its included application called Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

I’m not looking for sales, or salesmen, or marketing experts. What’s wanted is just internet buzz, or radio interviews, or articles in the media. I need a lot of people to be aware of what I’m doing so that the few who care about matters of currency, gold bullion, buying power, and banking will pick up on Paper Bullion Bank Bill and get in touch with me at or send me an e-mail at, or buy my book at, buy looking under books by Robert Fenton Gary, and selecting “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items”.

It takes a village worth of social awareness to get one light bulb to go on in the mind of one banker. If they get interested, I can close the sale. Buzz please, there’s good people.


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