PBBB vs Crypto Currencies

Paper Bullion Bank Bill has your gold right there enmeshed within the fibers of the paper. My 1/10 oz note has got 1/10 oz of .9999 fine gold in the paper. So it’s worth right now about $130.00. It’s comparable to a $100 bill except it actually has value, it’s not just writing on a piece of paper.

You want to see your gold? Put your PBBB in a crucible, and light it on fire. The paper fibers burn off. That shiny sphere at the bottom of the crucible is your gold.

Or you could bring your PBBB to a participating bank, give it to the teller, who will run it through an authentication machine, and then hand you a gold round.

If you bring in a 1/2 oz PBBB, and it tests as “authentic” you get a 1/2 oz gold round.

My plan is to have participating banks all over the best countries in the world where you might want to retire. So your stack of PBBB’s can be authenticated locally, and converted into the local currency any time you like. If you really are a multi-billionaire you could retire to Palm Beach. But if you want a more affordable retirement, you could try Palermo, in Italy, or maybe Lausanne in Switzerland.

The point is, you need some buying power. US paper money may be ruined utterly in 20 years time. Especially if the National Debt is monetized. Crypto Currencies may be pixels in the wind in 20 years, or 2 years. But your PBBBs are gold bullion, and their passport is your passport to a secure and worry free retirement.

I will match my new currency against all comers as the best currency the world has ever known. It combines the best of paper money with the best of gold bullion. My authentication method is so secure it’s not remotely tempting to even the most talented counterfeiters. It will never be broken. It will always be reliable totally. Not like the $100 bill. And not at all like Bitcoin, or any crypto currency.

PBBB stands alone. That’s why they call it a breakthrough. That’s why they gave it a patent.



  1. Alternatively, you can leave your stack of PBBB’s in the custody of a participating bank here at home in the USA. Then go overseas for your retirement. When you need money let the bank in USA know. It will redeem some of your gold bullion, by taking some of your PBBB’s, and it will wire you your money in dollars, or the local currency, or any currency you like. Your gold bullion gives you buying power anywhere, and any time. Your bank at home knows your gold is real. It has an authentication machine. It is a participating bank.


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