Upon Asking An FB Friend to Make a Phonecall On My Behalf

I do have a great product. A few phone calls would be like a lottery ticket for you. If you make a connection, and the person gives me my price, pow, you win the lottery.

See, I’m just an inventor. I have no connections. I’m 70. Not in the swim of things anymore. Used to be. But not anymore.

The ideal customer for my patent is a big US bank, with a strong IP Department, and lots of business contacts.

There are six applications mentioned in the patent itself.

The only one a big US bank would care about would be Paper Bullion Bank Bill. Their reason for caring is because they do not want to be shut out of that market if it emerges, which they can see it is likely to do.

With a strong IP Department and a lot of connections, the bank could sell off, or license out all the applications it does not need. They could raise $4 million this way in a few weeks.

So their ownership of the patent is cost free.

And by owning the patent they cut off a major risk, and possibly cut themselves in a major profits.

Anyhow, if you do lift a finger for me, it’s hard to imagine how you would come out behind on that.


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