More Than Just a Promise

My product — Paper Bullion Bank Bill — uses “brick wall” digital filters to select multiple passbands from a full wide spectrum of fluorescent emissions. The math that creates a finite impulse filter is embodied in an algorithm that resolves quickly and is called a fast fourrier transform.

My product will soon become the new global currency because all nations that have central banks eventually abuse that power by printing money to pay their way out of debt.

Trump plans to pay off the entire Federal debt of $21 Trillion, by “monetizing it”, which means buying back the Treasury bills and bonds with fiat paper money made by the US Treasury.

Gold is in the paper of my bank bills. They are not green slips with promises on them, they are gold bullion, in amounts as small as 1/10th oz, which would be worth about $130 today — comparable to a $100 bill, but better because it really does have value, not just the promise of value.



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