Paper Bullion is Like Coin in Holder

My patent is called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” and it is the method that makes Paper Bullion Bank Bill [PBBB] possible.
If you can put a gold coin in a plastic holder, you could put that same amount of gold enmeshed between the fibers of a Bank Bill.
Now you would have a Paper Bullion Bank Bill.
It is bullion, just exactly like the gold coin, but instead of being held in a plastic holder, the gold is held in the fibers of the paper.
Getting the gold into the paper is easy. The hard part is authentication. You want bills that can be quickly authenticated by a machine. My patent describes such a machine and how it works. The patent was allowed on 18 Jan 2018, and published by USPTO on that date.
You can buy a copy at under books by Robert Fenton Gary.
You can learn much more about the patent and its many applications by visiting me at

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