Technical and Applications Details

The prior art uses methods that require each value document to be imprinted with specially coded spatial, temporal, fluorescent patterns or coding. These patents would be complex and costly to produce. The authentication machines would need to operate under extremely demanding tolerances, and making them work fast enough to be commercially practical would be difficult.

When each value document or item has its own particularly encoded taggant zone, the costs of recovery of the system in case of a breach would be very high.

By contrast, in “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” all the taggants zones for a full series of documents or items, are identical. They can all be printed onto the documents or items very cheaply. The only thing that changes from document to document, or item to item, is the file number, and that number is contained in the encrypted hologram.

The file number just tells the authentication machine what variables set to call up. The file number does not contain the variables set. The variables set is on a P-ASIC chip in the authentication machine. When the file number calls it up, it goes through the Finite Impulse Transform algorithm in the machine, and on to the FIR filter that applies the variables to make the passbands, which are snippets taken out of the full wide spectral peaks profile (which are all the photons coming off the taggants zone). So the snippets differ from item to item so the imprinted taggants zone does not have to. The taggants zones can all be the same for a whole series of documents or items, and thus very easy to make.

My patent is a departure from, and improvement over the prior art in a field where securing document or items against counterfeiting is challenging and increasingly difficult. My patent is a major breakthrough, and will enable many excellent applications that will be far better than what exists today in the areas of: Bank bills, Paper Bullion Bank Bill, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, ID Cards, DNA Tags, Container Lock Tags, rare art, coins, or jewels tags, bailment tags, evidence tags, letters of credit,

trust documents, and testamentary documents. Any bank owning my patent will have a huge competitive advantage over all other banks, in its new customer acquisition, international trade, wealth management, bailments, and wills & trusts departments. It will also be able to make very secure ID cards for its employees.


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