Demand for Gold Will Triple

My product will triple the global demand for gold.

Gold is the true basis of any money.

But gold bullion is not commercially usable as money.

My bank bills have got fine particles of gold enmeshed in the paper.

So, it’s a green piece of paper with a promise on it; and the promise is kept right there in your hand.

It’s got one more thing than fiat paper money.

The promise kept.

My most popular bill with be the 1/10 oz.

It’s worth about $130.

So it’s like a $100 bill.

Except Mnuchin can’t make a gazillion of them.

And the Fed can’t create them electronically.

I am seeking a major US Bank to issue my bank bills.

Failing that, I will take a major bank in Europe, or even in Asia.

If no bank shows an interest, I will turn to the gold miners.

My product could be called Paper Bullion Value Document.

Or the issuer could be called Newmont Value Bank.

I want you to visit me at

Then to spend 5 minutes thinking about my product.

Then to do a story, and I will help in every way, and appear if you like.

Most Sincerely,

Robert Fenton Gary

My patent called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” was allowed on 18 Jan 2018, and published by USPTO that same day.


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