Creating a Baseline Demand for Gold as Money

We already have a baseline demand for gold as an industrial material, particularly in electronics, and high tech.

There is, in addition, a seasonal and traditional demand for gold as a component of gifts, particularly in jewelry, such and rings and bangles.

On September 17, 1787, we, in the USA, had an understanding that gold was money, and that money should be gold.

But that understanding has drifted out of our thoughts, so today the baseline demand for gold as money is all but gone.

Bullion is a very impractical thing to use as money because people do every form of fraud when they see a piece of bullion, including: clipping, coating, drilling out, plating, re-alloying, and shaving.

So, gold in bullion form cannot really be used as commercial money because it can’t be authenticated quickly and cheaply …….. until today.

My invention “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” enables the creation of the Paper Bullion Bank Bill, which combines all the best features of paper money with all the best features of gold bullion.

Your gold is right there in the paper, enmeshed between the fibers of the paper, 1/10  oz of pure gold.

A green piece of paper with promises on it, and the promise is kept, right there in the paper, in your hand, you have the promised gold.

Yes, my method requires the use of fluorescent materials, and the use of digital signal processing.

Yes, it could take as long as 0.3 seconds to authenticate a bank bill, and it might cost as much as 10 cents to do so.

But, my method is very secure, very reliable, and not based on the internet, where the hackers are, and the malware abounds.

My method uses chemistry and physics, which are sciences, and they help us know the truth, about the gold, and it sets us free.

Free from a national debt that is about to be “monetized”

Free from annual Federal deficits that are continuously being “monetized” (like in Argentina).

Free from the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, which creates money by the $Trillions using keystrokes, and wire transfers (money made out of pure nothingness).

Maybe people do not wish to be free. Perhaps they do not want buying power in their retirement years. Possibly they feel that they are way too busy to consider and new inventions at a time when their compensation packages and stock options are still being worked on.

And thus far, no major US bank has said “Yes” to my invention.

But I am seeking a partner in Europe and Asia this Summer. Some large bank that thinks there may be some profit in creating the new global reserve currency “Paper Bullion Bank Bill”.

If every bank in the world is asleep at the switch, I will turn to the gold miners, and re-name my product as “Paper Bullion Value Document”.

You may feel that Bell, Edison, and the Wright Brothers had it easy because their inventions caught on instantly, and were accepted immediately. But, no, that’s not how it goes. Any innovation must overcome a huge mountain of apathy, inertia, indifference, and people focused on their stock options, like bankers today.

Your corporation is very well positioned to grasp the concept of gold as money. Today would be the right time to do that. My patent was allowed on 18 January 2018 by USPTO, and published by them on them day. You can get a copy at under books by Robert Fenton Gary.

You can also learn all kinds of technical and applications details about my patent by visiting me at or even by sending me an e-mail at

I do my job. I invent new and useful things. I seek some other person, who also does their job. Could that person be you?


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