Keeping the Buying Power You Have Earned

Central banks, it turns out. are not very reliable. But when you work hard to earn your spending power, you want that spending power to reliably be there for you when you need it.

From 1791 till 1971 gold was money in USA, and money was gold. That’s what the US Constitutional called for, and that’s what Bretton Woods called for, and that’s what was done.

The US National debt has doubled in the last 10 years. But even so, the dollar is “strong” today because the finances of other nations are even shakier than those of USA — Argentina for example, and Zimbabwe, and Venezuela. So US dollars are in high demand because they can be exchanged for US Treasury Bonds and Bills, and for US stocks, and commercial paper. These are relatively low risk investments and they pay some returns to investors. So money is flowing into US dollars, driving down the price of gold, so now it is about $1200 per ounce, and possibly going down to $950.

But USA is a bit of a crazy house right now, with many government programs utterly dysfunctional, like healthcare. There are trade wars a brewing. And diplomatic clashes. And in a few weeks a Midterm election that may put in place a US House eager to impeach the President.

Stock markets are staying up because trillions of dollars are being pumped into them using stock buy backs by large corporations. The Tax Bill money is mainly going into corporate stock buy backs. Which suggests that many big companies do not see any business opportunities out there that are worthy of capital investment. One problem is: no customers. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and could not raise $400 on short notice if they had to. Medical bankruptcies are on the rise. Much realty is “underwater”. Major retailers are closing anchor stores, and Malls are in jeapardy of turning into Tattoo parlors and pawnshops, where once there was Sears and Borders.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is paper money that has gold enmeshed among and between the fibers of the paper. There is the 1/10th oz bill, the 1/4 oz bill, and the 1/2 oz bill (which is about twice the size of a dollar bill. This invention US 2018/0018845 A1 is made possible by its reliable authentication method which relies on fluorescent materials and on digital signal processing. It’s at the juncture between photonics and high technology. It’s the perfect patent to strengthen your patent thicket if you are in any high tech business.

The wealth management and international trade departments of a major US Bank, like JP Morgan Chase, or Citi, or Bank of America could easily make $100 billion by issuing Paper Bullion Bank Bill globally over the lifetime of the patent (20 years). For starters they could license the patent to USPS which desperately needs it to control losses on its Money Orders business. I only want $4 million for the patent, but that price goes up to $8 million on October 1, 2018.

A good invention solves a lot of problems, not just an new form of currency but also a more secure ID card, and better DNA tag, a more trustworthy coin or gem holder, and a reliable tag for bailed items, like art, or valuables, or documents.

Today, big banks do not read letters from small inventors. So I must find ways to filter my information up to them using intermediaries, who read, learn, and pass along the information until it gets to a big person in a big US bank — maybe Jamie Dimon, or Lloyd Blankfein, somebody like that, or maybe to Jeff Bezos who seems to have a knack for good capital investing, as does Warren Buffett.

I am so grateful that you read my article. Do whatever you like with the information. Free markets are filled with invisible hands. Maybe yours could play a role, if you wish to pass along my story. Please visit me at to get the full story and learn more about photonics today and programmable multiple bandpass filters. My patent can be read for free at


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