Gold — What’s so Good About It?

First, it’s portable. If you have gold in your hand, and you go from location A to location B, your gold goes with you.

Second, it is widely recognized as a metal of value. If the people at Location A think your gold has value, the people at Location B will too.

Third, you don’t need to plug it in. Or get on the internet. Or, make a long distance call. The gold in your hand, is right there, in your hand. It’s value to you does not come from being connected to anything but your hand.

Fourth, it is useful. One of the best uses of gold is to use it as money. We stopped doing that in 1971, and four years later the US went into decline, and we never got back the stability and security we had in 1971 when we stopped using gold as money, as our Founders told us we should do.

Is there anything better than gold?

One of the problems with gold is that it needs to be authenticated. You could us an acid test, or cuppolation, or formal assay, or x-ray fluorescence — whatever you like, but the ideal form of gold bullion is self-authenticating, or easily authenticated with a light-based examination combined with digital signal analysis done on the spot.

Where can I find gold like that?

Nowhere, at this instant in time. But US 2018/0018845 A1 provides the Paper Bullion Bank Bill and the apparatus to authenticated it.

Where can I read this patent for free?

Read the patent for free at //

Please use the PDF download version, since that has all the circuits diagrams and charts.

When will these Paper Bullion Bank Bill be available?

About a year after a large global bank buys my patent.

Why not already?

The US Banks are 100% busy buying in their own stock, not developing new products or services. They are focused on the options plans for their top 10 employees. They are working out the clauses in the golden parachutes. No time for product or service innovations.

I have not approached the large foreign banks yet.

When will you do that?

I will start on October 1, 2018.

I did everything in my power to give the American banks the first opportunity. They were busy. So, I must move on to Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Bank of China, UBS-Credit Suisse, and Bundesbank.

The new currency will be created and issued within 5 years. It will change everything. People will want it more than they want fiat paper money.

You put a clean glass of water on the table next to a glass of muddy water, you don’t have to tell people which glass they should drink from.


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