New Way to Pan Gold

Physics-Based Gold Panning

Robert Gary

Robert Gary

Inventor at Gary Research


The objective is to make good charts showing where metals of value can be found on the seabed, and specifically the readily accessible areas at depths of less than 2500 feet.

The apparatus, that is being researched as my next patent, uses seawater and hydrodynamics to separate metal particles from sand, after the iron particles have been magnetically removed.

The devise must be small enough to operate aboard a chart making ship at sea. All samples taken from the seabed and all seawater used will be returned to the sea. The ship just wants the numbers to make the chart. Gold and platinum family metals will be the initial focus, but I am ready to be guided by the market, and if investors want charts for rhodium, cobalt, or ruthenium I am ready to accommodate same.

The principles of physics and hydrodynamics that are incorporated into the new panning apparatus are the very ones that create high grams per ton deposits on the sea floor. They involved gravity, swirling, currents, topology, temperature, salinity, and bathygraphic factors. What I do in the apparatus in an hour, is done in the sea in 100 million years.

I can assist a company that wants to bring back commercially scaled ore captures. I have ideas about how material can be brought to near the surface quite cheaply. Ideally no humans need work at any significant depth for very long, if at all. The process of collecting the initial samples is 100% robotized and drone-based. The action of bringing in tons of captured ore should be at least 90% done by robots and drones, but some skilled labor will be needed as well.

My apparatus is 100% computer controlled including every phase except dumping the used water, and sand, and ore samples. All it does is generate a concentrated sample, which can then be evaluated using spectrometry, x-ray spectrophotometry, and chromatographic analysis. My devise has the excellent advantage of being standardized in time, and action, so what is done to one sample, is done to every other sample, and the numbers generated are fair and reflective of the true values sought.

A chart may require thousands of samples. And the process of charting is iterative (recursive) because sample outcomes can serve as trace and track pointers to tell you where further and possibly better samples should be taken. It’s like a gold bloodhound that gets the scent, and then follows it back to the mother load vein or placer.

Ideally I would like to use the gold to make Paper Bullion Bank Bill. This product, which is way better than gold bullion, because it is easily authenticated, will make bankers honest, make governments honest, and make international commerce honest. Gold makes honesty.

I do not want to have to wait for gold (or honesty) to come back into fashion to get my patents into commercial practice. I want banks and miners to work with me, and learn about how to make the future happen. That’s why this post is here, and why I hope you will visit me at I can also be reached here at, on Facebook at Gary Research, on Twitter, and at


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