Global Marketing Raises My Costs

Paper Bullion Bank Bill Now Priced at $8 Million

Robert Gary

Inventor at Gary Research37 articles

$8 Million represents 0.12% of the prospective value of this patent over 20 years in the hands of a major US Bank. The world is looking for a new reserve currency. Fiscal policy in USA is adding a trillion dollars a years to the national debt. Rates are going up, which means service costs on that debt are also going up.

Gold bullion is the answer in Basel at the international bank of settlements. But what you want is something better than gold bullion. Something that does not have to the assayed, cuppollated, x-ray spectrometered, or acid tested. You want gold that can be authenticated in fractions of a second all over the world, and that you can carry with you discretely wherever you go.

In other words, you want Paper Bullion Bank Bill. It’s a bank bill, but it has gold particles enmeshed in the paper, so it is also gold bullion, except it can be authenticated very fast, so it is better than gold bullion, so it’s just what you want.

The product is for a bank seeking to grow its customer base in the wealth management space, in the wills and trusts space, in the custody accounts space, in the gold-based debit card space, in the bailments space, and in international trade.

Is there such a bank? Or would they all like to compete against the bank that DOES buy my patent, because that is exactly what they will have to do. My new world currency is coming. No stopping it now. You could be the bug, or you could be the windshield.

As the price has gone to $8 million for US 2018/0018845 A1 which you can read at, the offers are now going out to banks beyond the USA, where there may be bankers with vision, for example UBS-Credit Suisse, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, and Bundesbank. These global bankers could do exactly the same thing with my patent as a US banker could. They are not totally focused on their golden parachutes, stock options, or compensation packages. They spend some time on product pipeline, and future customer-base growth. They can read, they can think, they can deal.

They will contact me here at, or at my Facebook page, or at, or at

All I want or need is one. I am not looking for crowd funding, or investor groups. Or pure speculators who have no ability to practice my patent by issuing Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

If a big bank shows up and tells me they want to capture and kill my patent, and they put $8 million in cash on the table, I will take the money, and assign my patent to that bank.

I am a professional inventor. That’s what I do. I have three more major patents in their final stages right now: a signal lamp, a gold panning method, and a new form of retirement tontine. I’m looking for a clean deal with somebody who comes to me with plenipotentiary power, who has read my patent, and knows what they want, and what I want.


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