Why Put Gold In Paper?

Paper Money with Gold in It

Robert Gary

Inventor at Gary Research40 articles

Why would you want paper money with gold in it?

A gold coin, or bar, or round is not self-authenticating. But if gold is put inside a paper document, like a bank bill, it’s possible to impregnate that document with nanoparticles doped with rare earths so that a machine can very quickly and reliably authenticate that paper document.

How could you put gold in a paper document?

You could enmesh fine gold particles among and between the fibers of the paper.

How much gold could you put in a paper document?

Paper Bullion Bank Bill comes in three denominations: 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz.

Half an ounce of gold seems like a lot to put in a bank bill?

The half ounce bill is larger than the other two denominations, and all three are coated on the top and bottom with very strong clear plastic layers that are strongly affixed to the paper.

OK, what if I get tired of the paper bank bill and I just want my gold in metal form?

Bring the bank bill to a participating bank and they will give you a gold round for it, or put the bill in a crucible and just burn off the paper and plastic layers. That little yellow sphere at the bottom of the crucible after the burning is your gold metal.

Where do I plug Paper Bullion Bank Bill in, and how do I get it hooked up to the internet?

You don’t, that’s the whole point. What you have in your hand is a bank bill, which is also gold bullion, but which is not a URL on the internet, and it can’t be hacked unless your hand is hacked off, or your pocket is hacked.

You mean this thing is not like Bitcoin?

Right, it’s not at all like Bitcoin. It is, actually, the exact opposite in almost every respect. It is not something to plug in or go to the internet with. But it shares one feature with Bitcoin. It is a form of money that does not depend on any nation’s central bank, or the exchange rate of any nation’s currency against the currency of any other nation. It depends only on the daily London gold fix. It’s value is fixed using Greenwich Mean Time at one value for the entire globe, once every 24 hours.

So, I don’t have to plug it in, I can carry it in my pocket like money, and it’s just like except better because it can be quickly and reliably authenticated?

Right, I think you’ve got it. By Jove!, I think you’ve got it! The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain …. dancing …. singing …. the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.

For more on this topic, please visit me at robertfentongary.com

To learn the technical details please go to patents.google.com

and read US 2018/0018845 A1


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  1. That sounds like the best thing I could have for my retirement, since I plan to live overseas. Can Paper Bullion Bank Bill be converted to local currency quickly and easily?

    Could I leave a pile of Paper Bullion Bank Bill in my US bank, and then just ask the bank to cash them, in one at a time and wire me the money overseas when I need it?

    Could I have them send me the money in the local currency wherever I happen to be?


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