Your Next Venture Capital Move

My patent is called Paper Bullion Bank Bill because it is a bank bill and it has gold particles in the paper, enmeshed between the fibers.

You can know my science, and my technology just by reading my patent US 2018/0018845 A1 which is also called Appl. No. 14/999,947

It can be found at for free.

Please use the PDF version which has all my drawings, and diagrams. The invention is fairly easy to grasp but the science is a bit hard.

When you want to know more about Paper Bullion Bank Bill, I hope you will visit me at

Or here on facebook, under my name, or at my Gary Research page. I can also be reached at LinkedIn and at

When you decide you would like to own my science and my technology, perhaps to be the commercial exploiter of Paper Bullion Bank Bill, or perhaps to capture and kill the patent, so no other bank uses this invention to take some of your market share, my price for the patent is $8 million, and if you are a Fortune 100 company I will take it in stock, which you can transfer to my brokerage account.

By the way my innovative technology can also be used for very secure ID cards, DNA tags, evidence Tags, shipping container locks, bailment tags, art tags, coin tags, jewel tags, money orders, cashiers checks, bills of lading, and letters of credit.

The making of the bank bills is a straight contract job, but it is a bit high tech, so probably it could be done by Crane or De La Rue. The North Koreans can’t do it. They know that.

I would prefer to sell to a big American or British Bank, with offices all over the world. I would be ready to sell to a bank in Old Europe, or the Far East if they put the money on the table. I would even sell to a gold miner, if they wanted to become a bank, or to a California venture capital firm, or a Boston venture capital firm.

My patent is a hybrid that straddles photonics and digital signal processing. It’s just the right sort of patent to knit your patent thicket together and make it impermeable. I would be delighted to sell it to IBM, the US Postal Service, or Alphabet, or Jeff Bezos, or Apple. This piece fits into your jigsaw puzzle perfectly. It drops right in the slot.

A big bank could make $20 Billion worth of new business in the next 20 years by owning the technology behind Paper Bullion Bank Bill. We need a new global reserve currency. This invention does what the blockchain people tried to do but failed. These bills are not anonymous. They cannot be used by criminals, bank fraudsters, terrorists, or money launderers. They will always be legal in any country you would want to do business in. Who ever pioneers the use of my patent, will also get all the follow-on patents are arise naturally as the technology is developed and deployed.

Everything I know about photonics and DSP is in my patent. But, if you want my help, in developing and deploying it, I will be there for you.


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