New Method Far More Secure Than Blockchain

A new authentication method has been invented that is a hybrid technology which combines fluorescent materials with digital signal processing.

You have seen fluorescent materials excited by “black lights” and you know that different elements will produce fluorescent photons of different wavelengths, which are measured in nanometers.

My invention uses wavelengths between 200 nanometers and 1500 nanometers, and produces a peaks profile signature in that segment of the photonic spectrum which can be analyzed by a optical digital spectrum analyzer.

This sort of analyzer is a lot like a sound analyzer which is used in the music industry.

And my invention also uses a finite impulse response filter to make multiple passbands from the full wide peaks profile.

This means that one peaks profile can be turned into millions of distinct variations depending on the passbands, or snippets that the finite impulse response filter selects based on variables that are fed into it from a programmable finite impulse response algorithm.

Each one of these millions of distinct variations can be stored on an application specific integrated circuit chip to comprise an authentication library organized by file numbers so when an item is presented for authentication, its snippets can be compared directly to an existing authentication file.

The chain way is a very different method, and not anything like my method. My way of doing authentication is a major breakthrough, and it will enable a new currency called Paper Bullion Bank Bill, which is not like any existing currency because it looks and spends like a bank bill, but it has gold particles enmeshed in the paper.

It’s not a promise about gold someday, somewhere, somehow —- you have your gold right there in your hand if you own a Paper Bullion Bank Bill. And actually what you have is better than gold, because it can be authenticated in fractions of a second, as gold cannot be.

My patent can be read for free at I am giving you knowledge of the technology and the science, and if you want to own the technology you can buy it from me. If you buy it, it’s yours for 20 years, and you can make a new currency, money orders, letters of credit, bills of lading, and ultra secure ID cards, evidence tags, bailment tags, art tags, gem tags, coin tags, container lock tags, DNA tags, and many other things too numerous to mention.

If you are a big bank with offices all over the world, you will get much new business from owning this patent — in your wealth management, international trade, and wills and trusts departments. $20 Billion worth over the 20 year life of the patent — and as the first mover you will then get all the follow-on patents, and the patent thicket and the wide moat.

My patent has two names: one of them is

Pub. No. US 2018/0018845 A1

and the other is

Appl. No. 14/999,947

It could take you as much as 10 seconds to look it up.

And then reading the Abstract, could take another 60 seconds.

You’re busy, I know, so your time is valuable.

But still, perhaps you could find a moment to glance at my patent, and if you do, please download the PDF version which has all my drawings and diagrams, which make the invention easier to grasp.


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