Who Will Buy My Patent?

The Four Kinds of Buyers for the Paper Bullion Bank Bill Patent

Robert Fenton Gary

Inventor at Gary Research

Type 1 — A big bank that wants to create and issue the bills. The reasoning would be that if some big bank is going to issue the new global reserve currency it may as well be this bank. We will get $20 Billion worth of new business over the coming decades. Why should some other bank get those customers when we can get them just by issuing these bills. We can start them out with our wealth management clients, and with our international business clients. Then we can use them in our Wills and Trusts Department. We can sell licenses to use the patent for non-banking purposes to the Post Office, to DOD, and to companies that do defense contracting.

Type 2 — A bank that does not want Paper Bullion Bank Bill to be created and to disrupt the global banking industry. This could be a single executive whose stock options would be upset, or whose golden parachute would be affected, or who just wants banking to stay just the way it is with no big changes like a new global reserve currency. It could be the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA, or the US Treasury, or the Office of the Controller of the Currency, or a major player in the insurance field like New York Life or Berkshire Hathaway. This kind of buyer would pay $8 million to “capture and kill” the Paper Bullion Bank Bill patent.

Type 3 — A high technology company with a strong patent thicket that wants to make their patent thicket even stronger by adding a hybrid patent that fits in perfectly in the unexploited area between fluorescent taggants and digital signal processing. This huge blue ocean space contains no technology that works except that in the Paper Bullion Bank Bill patent. So acquiring that key perfect fit patent would strengthen a patent wall, or patent thicket by a large amount. A patent thicket keeps start-up companies out of your field of business. When they pop up you send them a letter of caution and 25 patents. If they keep coming you send another 25 patents. Eventually they see that they will be infringing several patents in your patent thicket, so they stop.

Type 4 — A patent flipper. It could be a rich entrepreneur, or a venture capital firm, that has no desire to practice or kill the patent, but who just sees that the patent is worth way more than $8 million , and is happy to pay that amount so they can “flip” the patent for $15 million to a company that wakes up and sees its value. This could be to the US Postal Service that might be happy to pay $15 million for a technology that will save them billions lost on fraudulent Postal Money Orders very year.

Somebody that wants to do it, somebody that wants to kill it, somebody that wants to add to their moat, or somebody that wants to flip it — these are the four categories of prospective buyers.

Everybody can read my patent at patents.google.com under US 2018/0018845 A1 also called Appl. No. 14/999,947 but only one buyer can buy it. There are four kinds of buyers, and I would be so pleased if Type 1 buys it. But I will sell it to the first buyer with the money to spend, and the credibility to make a business deal with me. If you have a spotless record for business integrity, you can buy my patent, even if you just want to flip it, or kill it.

What I do is invent. That’s all I do. I’m not a patent broker, or a business person. I have no contacts, connections, “who you know”, or friends in high places. I have about 4 readers at LinkedIn and another 700 at Facebook, and 3 at Twitter, and 2 at Google+, so figure 709 readers. But they are people, and they must know some people. So maybe some connection can be made. I have three designs on my drawing board that are calling out to me for work. I want to get to them. What I do is invent.


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