Patent Price Going Up in April 2019

If Paper Bullion Bank Bill could have been created with any of the prior technologies, it would have been created years ago.

But the new technology that enables Paper Bullion Bank Bill is a major breakthrough, coming as it does in the juncture between fluorescent photonics and digital signal processing.

Right now the status of Appl. No.14/999,947 (aka Pub.No. US 2018/0018845 A1) is as a published but not yet fully granted patent.

By April 2019, I expect my patent to be fully granted, not just a Patent Application Publication. So my offers to brokers to sell my patent at the $8 million level will expire in April 2019.

At that time, the price on my patent, if it is fully granted by then, will be $16 million which is 0.24% of what a major bank could expect to make by the practice of the patent over a 20 year time period (instead of 0.12% — the present price).

In other words the price increase will be de minimis and not material to any serious buyer wishing to own my technology. The extra $8 million is chump change to a major bank. It’s what they spend on a week-end executive retreat.

I was a federal litigator for 25 years and I have deep contacts with a major Wall Street lawfirm that may be the best litigation firm in the world.

There are two ways to make money on a patent. The first is the path of amicable sunshine and enlightened foresight, where the big corporation can see ahead of time that they need and want to own the technology so they buy it at a fair price. The second is where they realize that they want to make the Paper Bullion Bank Bill and they just do it, hoping that the little guy won’t be able to enforce the patent because they are big and he is little. That’s where I am forced to make my money by a lawsuit, and it won’t be for $8 million, the present price, or $16 million, the price after 1 April 2019. I will take them down, as I have several other Fortune 100 corporations.

Look me up. I’m in the lawbooks.

This would be the time to take 5 minutes to read the Abstract of my patent which is 200 words on page 1.

It’s in plain English. You will “get” it right away.


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