In the Footsteps of Dyson

Helical Blades for Waterspout Making

Robert Gary

Inventor at Gary Research

Helical refers to the curves at the edges of the blades. These could be a full helix, or just segments of a helix. The helix and the spiral differ, in that the helix does not spiral in, but the spiral does. The Archimedean spiral is no helix. The DNA helix is no spiral.

The DNA helix is a double helix. It has two edges joined by ladder-like rungs.

My helix blades are attached to a cylinder which is also the driving force and the axis of rotation.

I have designed three helix blade variants. The first is a single bladed helix, on a cylinder.

The second and third have two and three blades respectively.

I have half a dozen other waterspout making designs, one of which entails staggered and partially overlapping short blade segments affixed to the driving cylinder.

Anyhow, a patent can only specify one “preferred embodiment”. It’s not necessary to prove that the preferred embodiment is the best one, but I will do so in my patent.

I need a design that will create a laminar flow, with minimal cavitation, vibration, and convergent harmonic destructive shaking. My water close to a density of 1, but I allow salt water in my machine, and in the waterspout, so a bit more than 1 is possible, say 1.15.

In drafting this patent I have been compelled to study the designs of Dyson with great care. His purposes and applications are diametrically different from mine, but his designs are worthy of study in their own right since a waterspout is basically a hydro-cyclone, and nobody knows more about cyclonic theory than Dyson, and the 65 engineers who work for him. Anyhow, I fully cite Dyson in my patent and give him all the credit his work deserves.

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