Patent Examination Closed, Issue Fee Paid, Ready for Final Issue

Please put some publicity on my Patent — Paper Bullion Bank Bill Appl. No; 14/999,947 which you can find at

My invention is a hybrid and a bridge between Photonics and Digital Signal Processing. If you have a patent thicket, this will make your thicket much stronger. It is the perfect fit that binds the different parts of your patent thicket together and makes a true patent wall.

If you want $20 Billion worth of new banking business over the new two decades, my patent is the one you need to own.

If you are already doing great as a big bank, and your main desire is to prevent major disruptions to the banking and wealth management industries, then my patent is the one you want to catch and kill.

Priced to move at $8 million, price for first customer only, and price goes up to $16 million on 1 April 2019. First customer must be honest, and upstanding, and, hopefully a big bank.

But I will sell to any honest organization, including gold miners, or fluorescent materials miners, or currency printing firms. I will sell to any fully experienced venture capitalist, or creative high tech company, or investment bank. I will not sell to a patent flipper, or to a patent troll.

Have great invention, seeking an honest buyer. Please help me tell my story.

Thank you.


Robert Fenton Gary


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